Do they still make Grain Belt beer? Attention Minnesota Dopers.

I used to buy Grain Belt beer for around $4.50 a case. Then, circa 1997, I stopped seeing it. Do they still make it? I know it was made by Minnesota Brewing, and they still have a web site, but that could be old.

Any Minnesota Dopers who can tell me if this stuff is still available? And is it still so cheap?

Did you check :wink:

Yeah, like I said, they have a web site, but I think it could be old. I tried e-mailing them and they all came back undeliverable. I tried calling the phone number and got no answer. That’s why I’m wondering if they still produce beer.
I want to repeat my question that if they do, is it still as inexpensive as it used to be? $4.50 for 24 cans of beer is cheap. You can’t buy a 12 pack of most other beers for that.

A few months ago, I was at a bar in Austin, MN, and I’m pretty sure my friend ordered a Grain Belt beer, out of curiosity.

I was kind of drunk, though, so take this with a grain of salt. :slight_smile:

I was last in Mn just under a year ago and drank lots of Pigs Eye.I can’t say anything about grain belt though.

From March of '98

from here

pkbites, they still make Grain Belt. And, yes, it’s still cheap, although not as cheap as Red, White and Blue. Some fine ahem drinking establishments even sell it on tap - usually a buck a glass.

Just so you know … the ONLY reason I know this is because grampa only buys cheap beer. I bring my own when I head over there :wink: