Do they still release records?

I thought for sure they weren’t. But then I found out they were still selling record players. Then, on Conan, I saw him holding a record, representing the album of the band that was playing.

So, that’s my question.

Yeah, they are. I think this new one is their best yet.

Yes. Most bands that release records are independent bands, and they usually either:

  1. Release only a vinyl album because it is cheaper to manufacture, or

2)Release a vinyl album in addition to a cd version in order to appeal to audiophiles, nostalgia, or all those indie kids who don’t have cd players.

Yes, they still release records. Apparently they are coming back, something which I am all for. You just can’t get sound on a CD like you can on vinyl. By the way, it’s not just independent bands that release records. David Bowie’s new album Heathen is available on vinyl, I own it myself.

That distinctive sound you head on a vinyl recording that you don’t hear on a CD? It’s called noise. Ah, the hiss and crackle of an “authentic” analog recording. :stuck_out_tongue:

That distinctive sound you hear on a vinyl recording that you don’t hear on a CD

I just recently picked up Weezer’s “Green Album” on vinyl because I love the band and I thought it would be a neat thing to have. After listening to it on the same system that my CD player is hooked up to I could notice a difference… Surprisingly (to me anyway), the album sounded better. I tried a few other albums I had picked up and compared them to their CD counterparts. To me it seemed like no contest.
Sure, on more used albums there is “noise”. Its unavoidable. You listen to it, and the quality gets worse. But a nice mint vinyl can’t be beat, IMHO…

Umm, “records” are “recordings of songs” (and “albums” are collections of, e.g., songs). Vinyl has nothing to do with it.

So the Grammy’s still, and will continue to, give out awards for best record as well as best album.

(And while I’m at it, “Available on video and DVD” is just as dumb. They mean “Available on VHS and DVD.”)

Yeah yeah, and “PIN number” is redundant.

Vinyl is very much alive and well. In fact, I would wager that new turn-tables are selling more units now than they were ten years ago. I just bought a new one myself last year. The majority of my time is still spent listening to CD, but there is no doubt in my mind that my $300 TT sounds better than my $1300 CD player. I’ve listened to some very high end TT and found them to blow away any CD player I have ever heard.

Still using a German made Dual belt drive TT from the 70’s. Best of all, friends give me their old vinyl when cleaning out the attic, so my collection grows and grows!

Vinyl has never died out in the hip hop community.

Or in the punk rock community.

Hmmm … that may relfect a difference between the way your turntable is set up and the way your CD player is set up. Or between your turntable and your CD player themselves. A top-of-the-line turntable is almost always going to sound better than a run-of-the-mill CD player.

It may also have to do with relative volume and equalization levels – e.g. your CD player might not put out as much bass as your turntable, and I believe it’s been shown in blind tests that people will say that the “sound quality” of snippet A is better than that of snippet B if all you do is crank up the bass on snippet A a little. And it’s also possible that the vinyl albums you own with “CD counterparts” may have been originally issued as vinyl LPs and then turned into CDs via a cheap process (like digitally sampling the LP :wink: ).

Its a top of the line CD player and a rummage sale turntable. I did think about the possibility of it being the equpment and not the media, though, so I tried it on a few different systems. Maybe its all in my head, though.