Do "thing" and "sing" rhyme to you?

This thread about phonics and regional accents reminded me of a discussion I had with my five year old the other night. She is learning to read, which means we are reading Hop on Pop over and over and over again. Two sections kind of stump us.

To us, “wet” and “get” don’t rhyme. No worries, I’m from the Midwest and we have trouble with short e’s. I believe that for many people, these words do rhyme. However…

Bwah? Surely, those words don’t actually rhyme in anyone’s accent, do they? If you do think they rhyme, where are you from?

Both pairs of words rhyme for me. I’m from Southern Ontario. I’m surprised to hear that they don’t rhyme for you. I’d like to hear how you say them.

Copy that. I’m from Alabama and Tennessee.

Heck yes they rhyme. So do wet and get. Michigan here.

I’m from Northern Californian and both pairs of words totally rhyme for me. I’m surprised to hear they might not for some people. I guess if you pronounce “thing” as “thang” it would not rhyme with sing. But how on earth do “wet” and “get” not rhyme?

Thing and sing rhyme for me. I grew up in rural, central Minnesota and live in Chicago now.

How would “thing” and “sing” not rhyme? Do you say “thang” or something.

Alabama here.

Wet and get kind of rhyme in my mind. I think I say “get” more as “git.”

I’m confused. How do you say thing and sing so that they don’t rhyme? How in the world are you surprised that they do in other places?

I’m from the South.

If I purposefully slow down ‘get’ and ‘wet’ rhyme. But if I slip into my mill town North Carolina upbringing, then I hear it as ‘git’ and ‘wet’ which, to me, do not rhyme.

‘Thing’ and ‘sing’ always rhyme for me.

They rhyme. From West Texas.

Both rhyme for me (generic mid-Atlantic). I can kind of “git” that get and wet wouldn’t – but how on earth do you say thing or sing that they don’t?

I’m from Western Canada and both pairs rhyme for me.

Me too.

Midwest. Both sets rhyme.

Both pairs rhyme for me. Ohio.

Yes, both pairs of words rhyme. Western Canada.

Also, “pen” rhymes with “then”; “pin” rhymes with “gin”. I’ve heard tell that some folks may disagree.

Yep, both pairs rhyme for me. Originally from Michigan. I’d also love to hear how you say them.

Grew up in Vermont, both sets of word rhyme.

This also might be the closest we’ve come on the Boards to a consensus regarding word pronunciation…at least in the threads it comes up…aside from the OP, everyone is in agreement!

It is rather astounding. I sense a joke of some type.

Maybe it’s going to be like “ghoti” or something. The OP’s “location” is interesting.