Do Vegans swallow? (TMI -maybe)

Just a simple question. Do Vegans or vegetarians swallow? Would ejaculate be considered an “animal” product? I know there are differences between hard core Vegan and vegetarians for health reasons so is there a “version” of vegetarian who won’t swallow?

I don’t know any vegetarians so I thought I’d put the question here. Also, anyone know of any religious restrictions on oral sex/swallowing?

I believe the issue with ethical vegans/vegetarians is not just whether it is an animal product, but whether the animal was exploited, tortured, killed, or otherwise abused or kept from living its natural, unimpeded life. Don’t think you can apply any of those criteria to a blowjob.

[TMI alert]
Similarly, many vegan mothers will consume the placenta after giving birth for the nutrients it contains; since no animal had to suffer or die, this flesh product is ethically OK.

Typically the issue that vegetarians/vegans have with eating meat/animal products is the oppression/abuse/harm to the animals, the environmental issues involved with raising livestock, and so on. Now I ask you, does any of that apply to a blowjob?

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And on preview, I don’t think you can say that many vegan mothers do that, but that a few may.

Yeah, you’re probably right about that. I stand corrected.

I rarely do this, but cite please. That is too sickening to be true.

Hah, I didn’t think to search since I never spotted a thread about it. Thanks guys and gals!

The master speaks.

Here you go, straight from The Master.

I think I need to go lay down now.

OK, so placenta parties do happen. But aren’t there some legal complications? This must constitute cannibalism in at least some states…

Hell yes…all up and down the Strip and even at some of the clubs…oh…sorry, I thought you meant Las Vegans.

Never mind.

Question-could one get koru from eating placenta?

Oh, god, I thought that saving the belly button was gross.

No cite (though some others seem to have given one), but my family did this with the placenta that came along with my sister. My parents weren’t even vegetarians really (though we didn’t eat a lot of meat then).

I was young when my sister was born, so I didn’t really have much of an opinion at the time, but I don’t think it’s too icky today. I do think that it ought to be done in a very respectful manner. A sort of special event with deeper meaning. If I ever have a kid I don’t think I’ll do it myself, I don’t know though.

And as far as cannibalism goes, I don’t think this qualifies. I mean this thing was already nourishing the baby before it came out and it is not fulfilling any useful function now. I know that others might disagree and find fault with this line of reasoning, but I think it is valid.

As for the OP, I knew a vegan guy, a really smarmy fellow, who claimed to be conducting research into whether vegans tasted better than non-vegans. His reasoning being that what you ate affected the flavor. I suppose this is true at least to a certain extent. I think he was just being sleazy.

Oh, and many babies, the majority if you look at the history of the human race, drink a whole bunch of human milk before moving on to solid foods. I doubt the vegan babies were bothered much by this.

There is that old story about how carnivores aren’t good eatin’. It’s not true… lion-kebabs with a rich sauce are said to be quite tasty.

Oh. Your friend means a different kind of meat… and especially a different kind of sauce… doesn’t he?


Officer 1: We have to have a formal charge, or else we’re gonna have to let him go.

Officer 2: You mean we’ll have to put that maniac on the streets again?

Officer 1: If we don’t get him on something.

Officer 2: Was he breast fed?

Officer 1: We’ll get him on cannibalism.


I’m going to guess that this decision rests on two key issues:

A)Is a penis an animal, and/or is semen an animal byproduct


B)If death in gastrtic juices or being spat into the sink constitutes torture, abuse, or living a natural unimpeded life

I’ll be interested to know Sandra Day O’Connor’s position when this reaches the Supreme Court :wink:

You know, I’m sure a LOT of women will disagree with that suffering remark :wink:

My favorite vegatarian does, mind you she’s no vegan.

Well, in an extreme view causing the “death” of millions of sperm might be considered “murder” of these beings. I just wonder how one gets around this (vegans AFAIK as must more strict about this right?).

I mean, if people are against honey because it’s exploting honey bees, are there people against men “wasting” their sperm? (sure, it’s an unlimited reserve but then again, so is honey).

I put it here because I’m not trying to get into any serious debate, just asking :smiley:

I am going to be sick.