Do we drink dinosaur urine?

I wouldn’t be too worried about drinking dinosaur urine. However, the good folks of St Louis drink water that has passed through the inhabitants of Minneapolis (via the Mississippi) and/or Kansas (via the Missouri), and it is again recycled via the inhabitants of Memphis and Baton Rouge before the inhabitants of New Orleans get to drink it. These are just the big cities; there are no doubt dozens of other towns that use the Mississippi for its drinking water and put the (purified, obviously) sewage back into the river.

“The breakfast garbage you throw into the Bay
They drink at lunch in San Jose.”
–Tom Lehrer, Pollution

And for those of us on the east coast…

“The breakfast garbage you throw out in Troy
They drink at lunch in Perth Amboy.”
–Alternate version of the same song

And if you don’t live anywhere special:

“Throw out your breakfast garbage
And I have a hunch
That the folks downstream
Will drink it for lunch.”