Do we have a new moderator?

New sign-up: seanchayes-Moderator


Yeah, what’s The Dirty?

Talk about jumping the queue.


Apparently it is a new ID created to tinker with some of the administrative functions. Not a new moderator.

So if something goes wrong you can blame it on “seanchayes”, right?

I usually blame in on Asimovian - no reason to change what works!

The rest of us moderators haven’t been told anything.

I don’t think we have a new moderator, but what we do have is someone who has been given moderator privileges in the system (I have some additional info available that indicates this is a legitimate user and this isn’t a hack or anything we need to worry about).

Since none of us have been told anything, I am assuming this is for some behind-the-scenes IT work or something along those lines. We may never know exactly what it’s for. It’s probably for something very boring.

It wouldn’t be the first time that one of our technical folks has created a user name to test something. Most of the time nobody notices, they test whatever they want to test, and that’s the end of it. Jerry had at least half a dozen socks to test things out with back when he was our technical admin.

No biggie.

ETA: Damn ninjas.

Shame they didn’t call it “The Boogie”.

The rest of us moderators have been told something now.

It’s just someone fixing some minor IT issues. Like I said, no biggie.

Damned space spider clowns.

So he isn’t the head Moderator for the new Secret Moderator Forum?


Is the next admin going to be will&grace?

I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of the Secret Moderator Forum and I can neither confirm nor deny that seanchayes is the moderator of said forum, if it exists.

Yeah-They denied there was a secret cow level in “Diablo”, too.

My understanding is he’s the new Hamster Wrangler.


You shake your body all the way to your room and think about what you’ve done.