do we have to beat saddam?

is it required to kill saddam to do a regime change? is it required we do much of anything? is anyone terribly loyal to him?

if hes holed up in bagdad what would happen if we just sort of found a nice town on the other side of the country and said “this is bob, hes your new president, he has food and candy for you”

what would that result in? does he have lots of loyalty? if we attempted to give a new government by simply ignoreing the old one would that work at all? if we promised better conditions and military protection? is saddam’s army loyal to him? is it big?

is there anyone popular in iraq? someone to be ‘bob’?

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A regime change entails more than removing Saddam from power. It also involves the entire Bath Party infrastructure.

When you ask if there’s someone who is popular to replace Saddam. That assumes that popularity has anything to do with legitimacy in Iraq. In fact, legitimate rule is all about the use of force and providing basic services. Whoever the U.S. will install will have plenty of military and economic backing, and that’s all that is really needed, at least initially.

Do we need to kill Saddam for a regime change? probably

Is anyone loyal to him? loyal, some. afraid, all

If he holes up somewhere, what will prevent him from coming back?

Just look at how the U.S. installed the Shah in Iran, and that should give you an idea.

I was jokeingly oversimplifying, but I do have to wonder: alot of saddams power comes from military threat, if we are there to counter it, does he really have all that much power left? it seems like it wouldn’t take alot to win over the population, or require the hunting down and killing of the whole of his government to install a new one, it seems to me that “don’t listen to them, they aren’t the government, that guy is, here is some food and a promise not to murder you like they would have” would work after the iraqi government was weakend somewhat.