do we know quantitatively how the Tutsi survived Rwandan genocide?

a lot of Tutsi got killed, but a lot also survived. So do we know quantitatively about the mechanisms involved? Did majority of survivors flee to neighboring countries together with Kagame’s forces? Or by themselves separate from Kagame’s forces? Or did they setup local self-defense committees and fight off attackers instead of just sitting their waiting for the machetes like many others did? Or hid in the cellars?

I mean, what do we know about this, if anything?

That the UN ain’t worth a fuck.

Read all about it. 10 second Google search.

the wikipedia article you link to should be renamed to “Foreign involvement in Rwandan genocide” because that’s what it is mostly about - what did UN do, what did France do, what did Clinton do, etc.

Whereas the OP is a question of a different nature - what did the Tutsi do?

There are innumerable articles about Tutsi refugees. I’m just wondering why you expect others to do your research for you?


pinklintango, please refrain from political jabs in GQ. No warning issued.

If all you have to contribute is a Google search, there is no reason for you to respond to the thread. From the GQ rules.

Got it.