Do window awnings work?

More properly, how well do window awnings work. I would think that they would work remarkably well, but if so, why don’t I see more in the neighborhood? They even look extremely stylish, and yet, so few…
So, do they keep rooms/buildings cool?

Since I’m on the subject, how easy are they to build? I have time and access to equipment, and I’m too cheap and distrustful of ‘artisans’ to hire them at exorbitent rates to do a lousy job.

Here in fresno, it gets to be 110+ sometimes, my last house had large awnings on the south and west facings. Without them I have little doubt that the rooms in question would have been much warmer. I also had heavy blackout curtains on those rooms that were white on the outside black on the inside. a few of my neighbors had problems with almost not being able to use their living room in the evenings because it was so hot in there until well after sunset. Not a problem for me.

Awnings are a big help in reducing interior summer time temperatures where they are installed. A negative in winter!
As a DIY job it depends on your skills as to the suitability of the end product.

If you google for “awning kits” you’ll find plenty of places that sell them for DIY installation. If storms and/or high winds are a problem, you’ll probably want the retractable kind.

I think part of the reason that you don’t see more of them is that people tend to be short-sighted about these sorts of things and avoid the immediate expense and don’t fully consider the payback over time of reduced energy costs. Also, when I was a lad, canvas covered awnings were the norm and they notoriously got ratty after a few years and had to be replaced. I suspect currently available fabrics, however, fare much better.

Good luck!

Well, I’m a thankin’ all of ye!