Do women wear pads and tampons all the time, or only during menstruation, or what?

Yes, it’s quite common for a woman to ask another for menstrual supplies. Most women are willing to share. I’ve always been happy to slip a tampon under a bathroom stall when needed.

Confirm. I’ve been on both sides of this.

It’s reassuring to know the world still works this way.

Adding my wife to the collection of anecdata. She has always been irregular, but as she has started menopause, the irregularity is exacerbated. Her cycle is anywhere from three to six weeks. She’s very annoyed by this. She has PCOS, and while she’s never had a doctor officially tell her the irregularity is connected, she’s always made this assumption.

She also has, not quite daily, but frequent incidental discharge.

So she wears pads basically all the time, with the exception of swimsuits and such. It’s mildly uncomfortable, but it’s still easier for her.

I went to high school back in the early-mid 90s, and our school STILL stocked the dispensors with the belted pads. It was like, WTF? Probably because the school nurse had to be almost 80. It was insane.

It is kind of funny. In that situation women act like sisters.
In high school, I saw a girl in the hall who had had an accident. We didn’t know each other, but I went up to her and said something like, “You need to come to the bathroom with me NOW. I’ll be right behind you.” and she knew what was up.

Me, too.

But God help you if you’re Elaine Benes and you ask the woman in the next stall to “spare a square”! :wink:
If you have to ask, never mind.

This thread made me remember something.

My mom tried to dissuade me from switching to tampons, but she was unwilling to articulate why. It was only later that I figured out that she thought they would ruin my “virginity”. Anyone else’s mom do this?

My father did not want me to wear tampons either. I’d forgotten all about that.

I can’t remember if he said why though. What a funny memory.

Ah, the memories. My mother forbid me to use tampons, and was very vocal as to why! Ummmm, mom, I had an emergency hymenectomy at age 14…

My daughter had friends a few years older than her who shared their experiences and I discussed the science/medical/physiology.

When “it” happened she was living with her mom. She texted to tell me and we chatted. I asked if she’d told her mom and she said no, she’d never considered it, that wasn’t the type of thing she shared with her.

I gently suggested she mention it, since her mom would be doing the shopping.

YES. My mom lost her shit when she discovered I’d borrowed some tampons out of her bathroom. I was about fifteen.

Are “First Moon Parties” a thing, like in this commercial, one of the most hilarious I’ve ever seen?

This kind of thing never ceases to amaze me.

My GFs mom never bothered to tell her what to expect when puberty hit so, of course, she freaked out when she got her first period.

It’s a biological fact. No good or bad about it. It just is. Right up there with pooping. Why it is hidden from young women or stigmatized or the things done to deal with it are deemed “bad” is just beyond me. May as well tell me not to use toilet paper cuz…reasons(?).

Not “bad” so much-- but consequential. Because it now means a girl can get pregnant. It’s not a neutral event like getting taller or having your braces removed. It’s a significant milestone with consequences. Just my take.

Some rejoice when this milestone is hit. While pegged to age Jews celebrate a bar/bat mitzvah to recognize a young person moving to adulthood (which happens to roughly coincide with the time both are able to produce children). Not sure how we got to the point parents are freaked out by it. Parents know that day is coming from the moment they know they are having a child.

There’s no surprise here.

My mother told me that when she was a teenager (in the late 1930s or early 1940s), one of her younger brothers cut his knee/leg and her father asked her for one of her pads to use as a bandage. She was absolutely mortified to find out that her father knew anything about this but she was the oldest of 7 kids, so he obviously had some knowledge of such things.

I hope to God your dad didn’t send the kid off to school with a Kotex pad wrapped around his leg. :scream:

What a strange thing to say. You can still be utterly freaked out by the stark in-your-face Reality of something that’s not a surprise. I have a particularly brutal example if you want to hear it.

Parents shouldn’t be freaked out by their children going through puberty. But humans gonna’ human.

This happened long before I was born. Apparently it was a pretty bad cut and I suspect this was just to get the bleeding under control until it could be stitched and/or bandaged properly.