Do you adore Dior?

What are your thoughts on this iconic brand?

I do not adore Dior. I prefer vintage Dior; but I wouldn’t say no to a gift. My favorites are: Oscar de la Renta, vintage Chanel, Alexander McQueen. I have very eclectic fashion tastes.

I couldn’t pick it out of a line-up. So, “indifferent” I guess.

How about you start by telling us your own thoughts?

Dior–I am okay with vintage Dior. I had a friend who wore a Dior perfume, but I don’t remember which one. It smelled great on her, did not smell great on me (to me).

My wardrobe is pretty much Ralph Lauren and (checks tags) Eileen Fisher, along with a whole bunch of store brand stuff and some classics like a Levis denim jacket. I think of Dior as fancy dress and too expensive, although I do have a wide Dior belt dating from probably the '60s. However, if I were going to get some new party clothes and had a lot of $$ to spend on them, I’d go with Vera Wang.

I’m mostly familiar with their cosmetics. The makeups are sparkly in a special way that nothing else is, but their wearability is weak for all that. Once you’ve tried really pigment-dense eyeshadow, or really long-wearing lipstick, it’s hard to go back.

Their perfumes are nauseatingly sweet. I can’t wear them. Instant headache.

Oh, I LOVE vintage Dior, if you mean like the “New Look” and those gorgeous evening gowns from back in the forties and fifties. Other wise, meh.

BAR is my all time favorite design so yes, Dior New Look. I also loved John Galliano’s later collections. Raf Simons was a disaster. Will never understand signing Jennifer Lawrence to a contract; can’t imagine anyone less suitable.

Over-priced, unimaginative, tat draped on borderline anorexics. The fashion industry as a whole is a rather toxic concept.

No, I don’t adore Dior. In fact, I wouldn’t know a Dior product if I tripped over one.

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Love the vintage fashion, not sure if I’ve ever smelled the fragrance, and could happily live out the rest of my existence without having to see Charlize Theron frolicking in the waves spouting nonsense about the earth and sky or whatever she’s on about.

We rarely watch live TV and pretty much never with adverts but after a short burst of xmas-time commercial TV my kids have immediately grasped the idiocy of those adverts. They now quite happily scripting their own spoof fragrance commercials whenever they smell anything particularly notable. This can be embarrassing as the majority of strong-scent wearers we come across in the street probably wouldn’t see the funny side.

I adore vintage Dior and (I am almost ashamed to admit) some current day Dior, no matter how odd the creations. Some of the gowns are beautiful as far as material but grotesque in style (this is current, mind you, not vintage!) I follow a fashion blog, so I see examples of garments crafted by different designers, and can tell a Marquessa from an Alexander McQueen.

I also adore vintage Dior perfumes. Diorissimo, lily of the valley, the very essence of spring. Miss Dior, a career-girl-of-the-fifties scent, you can almost see the red lipstick, houndstooth tweed suit and little hat, and stilletos, as she lights up a Chesterfield. Some of the more current perfumes are aimed at ‘the younger customer’ and pretty much stink. I can picture a bored debutante idly tossing a $$$ bottle in her shopping basket, on daddy’s dime.


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