Do You Believe In Bloody Mary?

Everyone has heard of the story of Bloody Mary and if you turn around 3 times and look in the bathroom mirror you might see her and if you do she might try to kill you.

I heard that her child was kidnapped and Mary went mad and when she found the kidnappers she slaughtered them but never found the childs body. Do you believe in Bloody Mary?

I do. Bloody Mary’s without the Worschestire sauce! :smiley: Curses I bet fall on those who prefer Caesars, which have Clamato juice in them instead of tomato (which is a mixture of tomato and clam juice).

Fess up! Who tried to summon Bloody Mary and did you ever believe?

Bloody Mary? Load of nonsense.

Its the Candyman you should be scared of.

My cousin and I tried to summon Bloody Mary when we were kids. The method we used was to chant her name three times. We made it to two repeats, convinced ourselves we could see the beginning of something in the mirror, and ran. So yes, I guess I believed when I was around 8 or so.

Now? Both Bloody Marys and Caesars are vile, I’ll stick to my cranberry/vodka thank you very much.

Sure. She makes a great drink mix.

I’ve never had a Bloody Mary (tomato juice and booze? YUCK!), and I’ve never tried to summon Bloody Mary-I was too chicken.

According to my aunt, what she saw was her own reflection-all distorted from being dizzy.

Oh, Ceasar, how I do miss thee. Clamato is all but unheard of here.

When I was in grade school, I attended a rather large birthday party for a good friend. A lot of the other girls, that evening, poured into the bathroom and started chanting Bloody Mary, while I and another attendee, both far too chicken to risk such paranormal activities, huddled in the adjacent living room in our sleeping bags. We felt justified in this action when all of the other partygoers started screaming and streaming out of the bathroom at a high rate of speed.

It later turned out that nobody had seen anything; one girl had been spooked by something and screamed without seeing anything at all, and everyone else screamed because they assumed somebody else had seen a ghost…

It’s on optical illusion. Don’t remember exactly how it goes but basically you stand in front of a mirror with your eyes tightly shut for so many seconds.
When you open them you see a red version of yourself in the mirror.
Something like that.
Anybody remember the details?

I tried once, but all I got was Lady Jane Grey…

I believed in Bloody Mary, but the legend I was told was that she was Mary Queen of Scots. I was too chicken to try to summon her though. I got freaked out just looking at a mirror in the dark, unless I was practicing my psycho grin that I used on bullies.

Nice. :wink:

Eh, I always hoped that Bloody Mary would appear when I was a kid, chanting at the mirror in the girl’s bathroom with my friends. She never did, though I freaked out my friends by screaming at the top of my lungs.

Maybe it’s perception…if you really believe in it, you’ll think you’ll see it.

Wouldn’t that have been her cousin then, Bloody Mary Tudor?

And the other relative, Bloody Mary Four-Door?

I believe in straight liqour.

First off… Bloody Mary’s are really gross drinks (but then I can’t even drink tomato juice so meh)

Second… intellectually I don’t believe in Bloody Mary, but I admit to still needing to have the bathroom lights on at night. Even if it wakes me up from my half asleep state the light cannot be off.

Oh and I thought this thread was going to be about hangovers :smiley:

That is a perfect phonetical spelling of the way I say ‘Worcestershire Sauce’ when I am most in need of a Bloody Mary.

BTW, a Bloody Mary without ‘Wusster Sauce’ is a Vodka and Tomato Juice… sounds horrendous.

I tired saying “Bloody Mary” repeatedly in front of the mirror… and there she was.

And she won’t stop singing “Bali Hai”!!! It’s driving me nuts!

So, am I the ONLY one who always sees something scary in the mirror?