Do you dislike the flavour of fresh cucumbers? Why?

IMHO it depends on how they are served. They do well in sour type preparations, with lemon juice, tangy salt, or citrus. They don’t mix well in salads with greens, tomato, avocado, and “vegetably” preparations.

At the risk of being alarmist, I’d talk to your doctor. Changes in taste can be indicative of medical conditions.

As for cucumbers: I’m a moderate fan. In their dotage (90+) my grandparents would saute them in butter and eat them with a bit of salt. Which still blows my mind, though it might be a way to basically taste salt+butter with not much else…

I like peeled cucumbers in salads.

I wouldn’t peel one for a snack. They’re mostly seeds with an outer, fleshy layer.

I always eat the pickle spear that comes with deli sandwiches.

Try the Japanese cucumbers in the OP’s pic. They’re much more fleshy, thinner skinned less bitter…

Also, let me introduce you to the wonders of cucumber tsukemono and cucumber kim chee, both of which IMO are worlds apart and above pickles when properly prepared.

My Mom would make cucumber tsukemono (pickled vegetables) with just salt and tsukemono press, which looks like a salad spinner except there a screw and plate the screws down on the vegetables.

There’s a delicate timing between the cucumbers being delightfully crunchy and lightly sally and limit and a salt bomb.

Yes, the burping response has something to do with the seeds. My grandmother could eat these but not regular cukes, which made her burp like crazy.

Cucumbers that have not been pickled nauseate me. Odor or flavor, it does not matter. They are simply not edible not acceptable in a room or a salad.

I’m surprised nobody seems to have mentioned this, but given that one of the documented symptoms of Covid is a loss of sense of smell, is it possible that it could also cause a modification of sense of taste? And since some people apparently have lingering effects from a Covid infection, could that be the cause? Maybe you had a mild infection and never noticed it? Probably be a good idea to get tested, though if it was 6 months ago you’re probably fine.

By the way, for what it’s worth I am fairly neutral about the taste of cucumbers & this hasn’t changed for years, I’ll eat them if they turn up in something like a Greek salad. Unlike Celery, which I actively dislike!

I did wonder about that; this is so very specific, but the timing is indeed very suspicious.