Do you do drugs with your family?

Definitely very interesting stories.

Congratulations KingLupid for getting over your addiction (whenever you did)! You must be a very strong person.

BellaDellaItalia, do you still live with your family? Do you still drink? With them? Has it caused any problems? Any fun stories? Any not-so-fun stories?

Eva Luna, interesting stories. BTW, the pot was probably safer and healthier than the post-surgical painkillers, believe it or not, so pick up that jaw :wink: Which painkillers? Did you say you shared them with your family, or was that just by yourself?

misstee, very interesting. Wish I had your family! LOL j/k… BTW, JOOC, what didn’t you like about pot?

Celyn, chances are if she’s taking theobromine she’s taking caffeine too (if in small amounts). Space cakes and hash brownies are definitely an option, though! “What’s this green stuff sticking out of the brownies?” “Err…oregano!”
Interesting story about the police pot. I find it hard to believe as well that she didn’t fail a drug test and get booted. I guess if they find you positive for marijuana and you can somehow prove you’re not a pot smoker, you can get off of it–but they’d find her bong or pipe or whatnot and it’d be over, I’d imagine.

Well I’ve never actually indulged with my family members; however, we each know about eachother’s habits. I went home on leave from the service a few months ago only to find a pipe on my shelf back at the house. I was a bit intrigued as it was not mine. I didn’t say anything to my father. Well a couple nights after that, a few of my friends came over (read . . . a few avid pot smokers and drinkers) and wanted to have a good time. My dad is in pretty tight with one of my friends and she called him, while she was at my house and asked him if he had any weed in the house. Well, it turns out that he did and so my friend commenced to smoking in my room, I however did not indulge because I had to go back to the service in a week and knew better than risk that. Then a couple days later my dad asked me “So where did your friends smoke my pot,” and that threw me for a shock. I’m pretty sure he knew we had in the past and he had caught us (same group of friends and myself) sneaking alky from him. . .Just a little story of mine.

I’ve smoked pot with my mum. She has a friend who grows for his own use and he visited earlier this year and left her a nice present of about £100 worth. She doesn’t smoke a lot but she’s not averse to a toke every now and again, particularly when she’s having trouble sleeping. She thinks it should be legalised.

I wouldn’t want to get completely wasted with her, but it’s nice not to have to hide it.

I have gotten stoned with several cousins and an uncle. My Dad would let me drink when I visited him and occassionally when we were at a bar where he knew the bartender. I’ve done drugs with my sister and SO (not just pot). My mom and stepdad offer me beer or booze when I’m over to visit.

Just alcohol and Prozac.

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Well…Marijuana is illegal in the USA. Also, this story occurred in the past. Having said that…
I had a friend in college – I would go to her house and me and my friend and her mother would all smoke pot together. Her grandmother would sometimes be in the same room although she never joined us.

I’m a bit too lazy to respond to everyone individually again, but again interesting stories and perspectives.

I was not aware that that rule was there. I knew that we can’t encourage illegal activities (which is why my signature is a disclaimer stating that neither I, the Straight Dope, the SDMB nor the Chicago Reader encourage illegal activities).

Does nitrous count? It’s not particularly a federally regulated drug (at least, it’s not scheduled AFAIK). Some states prohibit its use as a recreational drug, some states group it in as an inhalant and prohibit its use as such in places like schools, some states limit its use and sale–but as a general rule, in America, nitrous oxide is a legal drug.

Also, other drug laws vary from state to state–for example, I believe that, because I live in California, there are circumstances where it would not be an illegal activity for me to grow or use marijuana.

What is the interpretation of these rules that I’m operating under here? Not to hijack my own thread, but it would be nice to have these questions answered for future reference.

Thanks for the info, BTW. And keep the stories coming!

(My mistake for not putting this in IMHO to start off with, BTW. My bad.)

My family makes me WANT to do drugs. Does that count?

LOL, no it doesn’t, but I guess it’s pretty close.

All of us have colds right now, so we’re all doing NyQuil and Robitussin together.

Actually, you could get pretty messed up with those, Uvula Donor. (Don’t–there are better ways to do dextromethorphan–cough syrup has some other added stuff in it that can be dangerous at recreational doses.)

I absolutely don’t do drugs with my family. I am 19, and several of my cousins (my age and older), have asked me to sort of participate in “smoking up”, but I politely declined every time. It totally turns me off, and I don’t want to be a part of it. Although it may dub me the ‘goody’ grandchild of the family, that’s fine with me. It’s my healthy lungs and their black smokefilled ones that makes all the difference. And besides, why would you want to involve your own family members in such a destructive bodily habit? More like I’d ask my enemies to par-take instead, then hit the road after they’re involved. (kidding!).

My parents have given me whatever alcohol I wanted for as long as I can remember, and my brother too. However, this has made us both fairly moderate drinkers, and though pretty much everyone drinks at every family event, I’ve never seen a family member drunk (except my brother, coming home from a night out with his friends).

I just cannot imagine doing drugs with my parents (though I don’t do drugs anyway). I think my head would implode if I found out they ever did any at all.

We never did drugs together, but my parents and I have openly discussed our use of pot. (One of my dad’s most treasured memories was of him and a group of friends smoking up with his friend Ian, who was dying of brain cancer - the same disease that eventually claimed my dad, too.)

How long have you smoked pot, how long have they, and how long have things been this open? Did one of the parties involved (you or one/both of your parents) start the others on weed, or did it develop seperately? Sorry if thinking about this hurts, after your father passed.

Sorry to hear that both your father and his friend passed. Glad to hear that they were able to find a mostly healthy way of handling the pain.

I haven’t smoked pot in a while, but my first time was when I was 16. (I’m 22 now.) I assume my parents started when they were young in the late 60s :slight_smile: And we discovered it independently.

I know it wasn’t really in line with the point of the thread… I guess just to add another person whose parents know he’s smoked up and didn’t have any particular objection. They’ve seen me stoned before, too.

(Someone posted a story in another thread where they and a bunch of their friends were smoking up, and one of their moms came in; they freaked out, but the mom just grabbed the bong, took a big hit, put it back down, and walk out again. She was forever afterwards considered cooler than any individual member of the group.)

Not for me; I’m asthmatic, and pot smoke is one of my worst triggers. This is a fun thing to discover durngn a weekend at a Dead show, even an outdoor one.

Various opiates, both natural and synthetic, during various leg surgeries/rehab. When your leg bones are in six pieces, IV morphine is a Very Good Thing. I liked the pain relief, but didn’t like the feeling of not being able to control my own mind, which is part of the reason I never had much urge to experiment with recreational drugs.

I never shared intentionally, but a nearly full bottle did go missing after my sister was left unsupervised in my apartment. She never admitted taking them, but there was really no place else they could have gone. I don’t allow her in my apartment anymore. :frowning:

The closest I ever got to sharing was the night before leg surgery #1, when my mom and an old friend were sitting in the hospital room with me trying to distract me. They were mostly laughing their butts off at me, because it was the first time anyone had ever seen me stoned.

My dad would invite a few friends over for social drinking on Saturday evenings. I would join them occassionally with a glass of whiskey. This was when I was between 12-14.

My dad, me and my son occasionally smoke pot together. No one introduced anything to anyone. We were quite capable of finding it on our own. We’re all well over 21, so who cares?