Do you donate blood?

Excluded by virtue of a previous lunch date with cancer.

My (gay) blood works perfectly ok for me, but apparently they don’t want it.

Haven’t ever been able to. I’m below their body weight minimum

That’s always struck me as a really stupid restriction. Every time I fill in in the blood donation form (I donate semi-regularly) I roll my eyes at it.

Because having gay sex (using protection) somehow means people’s blood is unsafe? ::rolleyes:

I usually donate when I can (I have O+ blood, so I feel an obligation), but last time I tried, I was refused because I spent last summer in India. I’m not actually sure how long I have to wait before I can donate again. I should check that out.

I have donated blood for years, but stopped when I wanted to get pregnant. No that my son is nearly two, I registered again at the local blood bank so they call me every three months. They asked me to donate plasma instead. It’s a scary idea that all of my blood leaves my body and swirls around in a machine, but so far I like it: it bothers me even less then a regular donation.

I’m permanently excluded due to a chronic medical condition (received a blood transfusion tainted with hepatitis when I was a newborn). However, even if that hadn’t happened I’d be excluded right now due to current medications for a different medical condition.

I was kickin’ ass every 56 days, but I’ve skipped the last 3 cycles. I went 3 cycles ago and my pulse was too high (oddly enough, my roomie - also a regular - went the same day and his BP was too high). The next cycle, I purposely sat out. The next cycle, my schedule wouldn’t allow it.

I like to go to the same place every time, the local VFW, so that’s why I stay on a “cycle” schedule even tho it’s been long enough that I can donate elsewhere any time. Next time the VFW’s cycle comes up, I’m in!

I’m another “gay guy whose not exactly thrilling to begin with sexual history has been one of complete safety undertaken completely since knowledge of condoms/HIV have been an issue and who is not only HIV- but could not possibly have HIV by any means of transferrence yet known but who is banned from giving blood though heterosexual men and women who are at incomparably greater risk than I am can give blood no problem but am I bitter? Absolutely” Doper. I so wish they’d change their damned questioning to reflect the 21st century.
I wonder if relief workers who go to Haiti will be forever barred from giving blood.

No, because I weigh about 100 pounds, and their lower limit here is about 125 pounds.

Yeah, me too.


I was always kind of sucky at it anyway, probably due to my low blood pressure. Pumping that fist continually to try and get that pint out before the 20 minute deadline…

Mr Aspy is up to around number 68. In fact, he just went this evening. The small girls get to go with him and eat saussage rolls. They like that!

These days you’re OK with high blood pressure meds (and the vast majority of other meds, too) as long as your blood pressure is below 180/100 at the donation.

I couldn’t donate blood because of the gay sex thing, then one of the last times I had surgery, I had blood transfused to me, so despite being perfectly healthy, it’s a no-no for life now.

I live less than a mile from a Red Cross facility, so it is really easy, they have regular times every week and they call me as soon as I’m eligible. Because so many people are excluded from the donor pool and so many people are really skeeved because of the needles etc., I feel like I should do it.

One of the few times a pretty tame life comes in handy.

I’ve got a couple of gallons pins somewhere. Though for a time they didn’t want me due to a trip to central Africa in the 80s. Then it transitioned to ‘were you…intimate…with anyone in Africa?’. Then to being able to give again.

I encourage all eligible to donate. It’s a hugely important thing to do, takes little time, and saves lives.

When not prohibited because of tattoo work, I give blood on a regular basis. I did just have work done in October, and there may be more coming up before I take a break.

I’m a permanent reject. None of the above options. I had kidney failure and now have reduced kidney function, so although I feel totally healthy, they don’t want me. But I did donate every three months for decades before I was rejected.

Given his two poll threads so far, I think it’s clear that the OP is a vampire, trolling the SDMB for suitable victims to drain of their precious life essences.

So what’s your favorite, Hirka T’Bawa? The cool smokiness of O+, or the sweet tang of B-?

I’m currently under prohibition because of tattoo work, otherwise I would have participated in the last 5+ opportunities I’ve had in the past year to donate blood. Since I’m O+, they generally want me to donate as often as possible. Unless I get inked again in the near future, I’ve got about four months until I can start donating again.

I might or might not be a vampire, but rest assured, I’m not polling the SDMB looking for a meal… If I was it wouldn’t be a private poll :slight_smile:

Oh, my favorite is O, positive or negative. I get a weird reaction with anything else…