Do you dream in third-person?

I’m just curious if I’m the only one who does this. On occasion, I’ll have a dream where I view myself externallly; often (as far as I can recall, as I don’t generally have clear recall of most dreams) I’ll switch between first-person and third-person view.

Also, I’ve read that dreaming in color is a sign of intelligence; to be honest, I can’t imagine why anyone would dream in black and white, unless they were natively color-blind. Does anyone not dream in color?


I know people who do, but I personally can’t recall the last time I dreamt in the third person.

As for dreaming in color having anything to do with intelligence, that’s nonsense.

Most of the time my dreams start in third person and then switch to first person. Sometimes I won’t even be in them at first, but I’ll end up being in the center.

I’m not in a lot of my own dreams. In the more intense ones (nightmares, mostly) it’s in first-person, but in the majority of my dreams I see things in a third-person view. This also applies to my memories as well. Oh, and I dream in color, often very vivid color.

I almost never have any recollection of my dreams, or will forget everything within a few minutes of waking up. However, I am thinking that in general my dreams are generally first person, but where I can somewhat sense myself and my surroundings in a more third-person type way. I think though that this “out of body” feeling might be a matter that what small fragments of dreams I do recall is just as I am waking up so I have enough rational brain going to be able to sense the dream and my dream self.

Not veiwing myself externally. But I’ve had dreams that I’m not in.

Hey! Speaking as an artist and photographer, my decision to dream in B&W is a creative choice, based on the aesthetic criteria of the material! What are you, some sort of morpheusian philistine? :stuck_out_tongue:

My dreams were mostly in third person when I was younger, but now it’s usually in first-person.

I dream in the first person, when I am in the dream. I’m not always, although I have at times “consciously” put myself in my dreams. I don’t know if anyone else does this. I also change my dreams if they are too boring, or coming out all wrong. I don’t know if that is because the ones I remember are the ones that happen right before I wake up. (I almost always wake myself up. I don’t need an alarm clock, or a puppy to wake me up most days.)

Every so often I have a dream that I am not really part of, it is like watching a movie. Generally something really dramatic occurs and I wake up abruptly. A few weeks ago I had one that went on so long that I had the really unsettling notion that while I was dreaming and watching the action I was self conciously aware that I was dreaming. Hope that makes sense - it felt really odd.

I deam in first person when I’m in the dream. And third person, when I’m not. (usually)

I vastly prefer third person. That way when I get killed, blown up, etc. it’s not as bad.

As for b&w vs. color dreaming… I don’t think it means anything, really. For evidence, let me offer this dream.

For all that it’s effed up beyond all measure, I don’t think that the use of b&w imagery was a sign of a lack of cleverness or intelligence. Alas.

(BTW, I AM NOT SUICIDAL. Things are going very well for me now. No need to worry.)

Yeah, not only do I dream in third person, I don’t stay the same character but can change viewpoints. I’ve often wondered if this is a natural thing or if I’ve been influenced by years of movies and TV…

If it is me, then it is always in first person. I’ve never seen myself in my dreams.

If I am dreaming about other people then sometimes I will dream in third person but most of the time I see through one character’s eyes although I will have knowledge about things that my character doesn’t know. For example, one time I was dreaming that I was a man who was leading a rebellion to take back a castle where he grew up. I knew that the man’s childhood friend was still alive and would be found inside the castle although my character didn’t until he saw him.

I have very complex dreams and I have used all my senses in my dreams before - I’ve even been hurt in dreams. I also have dream deja vu, where I will come to a place in my dream and know it from another dream. I’ve also had dreams where I’m dreaming and I can see both my dream within a dream and my dreaming self. My mind is strange.

Sometimes first person, sometimes third. Sometimes even in the same dream.

I’m pretty much the same as you **Stranger On A Train **. Usually my dreams start in black and white and turn into color.

I dream in third person all the time, but when/if I actually enter the story it switches to first person.

And I have never (to my knowledge) dreamed in black and white. I was flabbergasted the first time I heard that anyone’s dreams were black and white, never mind that it was more common than dreaming in color.

My dreams shift viewpoints–sometimes first person, sometimes third person. Almost always in color. Rarely I’ll have a dream where I don’t seem to have any role whatsoever and am just watching it–I wake up thinking “What was the point to that?!”

Some say if you die in your dreams, you’d die in real life but there have been times where I died in my dreams. Once I fell of a cliff and didn’t wake up before hitting the ground…I woke up immediately after though and wondered “Why didn’t I wake up before I hit?” It disturbed me for a while, though.

1st person - but everyone in my dreams appears nothing like they do IRL. Yeah, in my dream I know it’s my Dad, but my Dad doesn’t have black hair, wear glasses, own a business suit or a look anything like he really does.

My dreaming viewpoint shifts – sometimes it’s First Person, sometimes Third Person. Sometimes I’m not in my dream at all, but the dream unfolds as though I’m watching a movie. Sometimes I dream in color, my nightmares are usually in black-and-white. And sometimes I dream in French.

Apart from rare occasions, my dreams are all like movies. I never play a character, I watch from a shifting third-person perspective, and I’m well aware that what I’m watching isn’t real. The story is usually complex and sprawling, but not random. There is no sound or smell or anything non-visual; I was actually surprised to learn that most people feel things in dreams, I never have.

The only first-person dreams I have are nightmares. These aren’t much like my normal dreams, indeed they’re all usually the same thing: I walk though a door, close the door, and turn on the light. Something is wrong and the light comes on only very dimly. It’s dark and I’m frightened. After a moment, I switch to third person (camera located on the ceiling in a corner, looking downward at me from an angle). I turn to face the door, and wake up.
I can recall having one black and white dream when I was fairly young, maybe ten or so years old. I don’t remember much of it, it was set in a forest with a small house visible through the trees in the distance, something about a ditch or gully, I vaguely recall a dog… Everything else has been in color. Nightmares have very desaturated colors, but that may just be because they’re set in low-light.

I can only remember dreaming in third person once. I was watching myself go through the dream, but I didn’t look like me.
I can’t remember ever having a dream in black and white. Sometimes dreams will have washed out looking colors though.
Once I dreamed about Harry Potter. I was at Hogwarts, and everybody was speaking French, including me. It was strange.