Do You eat a lot of Honey?

I started eating honey back in the 1970’s. There was a nutritional trend that encouraged people to eat honey and avoid refined sugars. A lot of my married friends wives bought honey cookbooks to learn how to substitute honey for white sugar in recipes. My family and I rarely buy white sugar. Once in awhile we’ll get brown sugar for baking cookies. Otherwise, we use honey for almost everything.

I enjoy eating buttered toast with honey as a desert after dinner. Or, sometimes I’ll mix some peanut butter and honey together and eat on toast for desert.

I know Mexicans share my love of honey with bread. I often get sopapillas and honey at my local Mexican restaurant for desert.

I sweeten hot tea, oatmeal, cream of wheat with a spoonful of honey. It’s a good topping on vanilla ice cream.

Right now we’re enjoying some wild honey from a family friend’s hives. Wild honey has a much better taste than the standard clover honey you get at the grocery store.

Do you eat honey? What’s your favorite way?

I do love to eat my honey.

Especially in hot tea or on toast (with butter).

Latest musical composition completed: “Hunny” (W. Pooh’s preferred spelling).

I do eat honey, especially in tea or on seeded breads.

I also seldom use white sugar. It happens I know that I got my current 2 pound bag of white sugar as a free gift from the Wegmans in Fairfax as part of their Grand Opening coupon book. That was 2005. I’ve probably bought a small box of dark brown sugar 5-6 times since then for baking and oatmeal.

My old roommates (there were four of them) used to go through a five pound bag of sugar every two weeks; mostly in their coffee. The mind boggles.

I LOVE honey…my dad was a beekeeper until he died in 1997 and I have only 1 jar left of the honey he collected. It is the color of dark Karo syrup and is the best tasting honey I have ever had. The bees were collecting tobacco pollen that year, so we call it our tobacco honey. I am sure I have the only jar left in the country. Anyway, our favorite way to use it is to do a stack of thin apple or pear slices (any type is fine but asian pears are the best), a really great blue cheese crumbled between the layers, toasted walnuts or pecans sprinkled over the top and a nice tablespoon of honey drizzled over the entire thing. Delish!

I can’t really eat hot cornbread and butter without it… If there’s no honey available, I can take it or leave it. About the only thing I use honey for is on Hot Cornbread to go with my Bean Soup w/mustard or lightly drizzled on buttered toast with my Oatmeal and milk…

I eat more honey than I’d like to. I’m experimenting to see if eating local honey does anything for my pollen allergies, and I don’t like it. It tastes fine, which means it’s okay in cooking, but it feels bad to swallow a spoonful of it the way I’m supposed to. So far I haven’t been able to prove or disprove anything because I can’t force myself to do it daily.

Oh, YES. Hot cornbread with butter and honey is the BEST.

I don’t eat much honey (or sugar, except in ready-made things like chocolcate) but my daughter goes through about 100g per week, mostly on her morning porrage.

Honey and cheese? Crazy, but it just might work! I’ll give it a try if I remember to.

Sourwood honey is our favorite. We like it on fresh, homemade bread. I like it in my hot tea, too.

Honey’s great, but don’t fool yourself by thinking it’s significantly healthier than refined sugar. Its glycemic index may be a bit lower than cane sugar, but not by much, and it represents pure carbs.

I generally don’t like the flavor of honey. Too sweet and with a cloying aftertaste.

I like the taste of honey and LOVE the texture, but I don’t eat it too often because of this:

I went on a kick of putting a couple teaspoons of buckwheat honey in my tea when I had a cold/sore throat and it was fantastic.

Buckwheat honey has quite a strong flavor/scent of flowers and a very dark color (not quite Karo but close) and gave a great full body mouth feel to the tea! Mmmmm.

I like honey but I can’t substitute it for sugar or other sweeteners, 'cause it’s flavour is so powerful. I would use it in tea (on the rare times I drink it) or in oatmal or other breakfast type mush cereals

As always honey, lemon and a tablespoon of whiskey makes an effective cough medicine

I love cooking with honey! One of my favorite things to make is chicken with a liberal amount of honey, some soy sauce and some crushed red pepper all fried up. Or you can substitute the chicken with the meat of your choice. I call it meat candy.

I have a spoonful in my tea, about 4 or 5 times a week. If I’m having cornbread, of course, honey is a must there too, but that isn’t very often.

The irony is that the same folks who praise honey so highly also tend to be the ones who are quickest to demonize HFCS, even though they’re almost identical.

Of course, as with anything, moderation is the key, and a spoonful or two of honey in a cup of tea is still a heck of a lot less than your typical can of pop.

I used to have it on the morning fruit bowl every day, but have since discovered agave nectar, which has a lower glycemic index for diabetics. It has a nice sweetness to it, without overpowering anything. I still like honey on cornbread and biscuits, though.

I don’t eat much honey or any other concentrated source of sugars (including HFCS which honey is most similar to on a chemical level), but I do like a teaspoon or two in my tea now and then. And I like eating honeycomb, but haven’t had any in years.

I like a plain bagel with honey.

I drink honey (Australian bush wattle) in hot water with cooked yuzu. The drink is called yujacha - delicious.