Do you fantasize about winning the lottery (or other windfall)?

One thing on which my wife and I don’t really see eye to eye: she sometimes hears a story about a lottery winner (I dunno, 15 million cash) and starts saying wow, what could we buy with that, what kind of a house will we have, how much will we give to relatives and how much will we spend on fun stuff . . . I roll my eyes.

I’ve always tended to shrug and tell her about the stories I’ve heard of people winning the lottery and then being just as broke as before a year later. If pressed on what I’d do with the money, I’d say maybe spend 10% on fun stuff, put the rest into investments and paying off debts. She rolls her eyes.

I’m not that interested in the conversation in the first place, though–maybe I think it’s more fun to come up with ideas on how to make that much money rather than what to do in the next to impossible chance of winning it.

Each of us regards the other as slightly mad on this point. Which point of view do you hold, and what kinds of conversations have you had with friends and family on this?

I fantasize about having had the good sense to lock up extremely desirable Web addresses back in the day like, which I remember sold for some ungodly amount.

I fantasise about winning the lottery - and I don’t even buy tickets.

NB 15 million is nowhere near enough for my needs - I plan to develop very expensive tastes :smiley:

I definitely fantasize about winning the lottery. I pass by the big billboard that tells me what the Powerball jackpot is every morning on my way to work, and I always glance up at it.

I rarely talk about it, though, and never seriously. I might throw out the line of, “I just bought our ticket to a real house!” to my soon-to-be-wife, but we never just sit around and talk about it. I think she’s the only person I do talk about it with, though. If I buy a ticket when I buy a six-pack at the corner store (maybe once every two months), I’ll ask her some stupid question when I get home with it. I think the last question was, “So, if I wanted to surprise you with a lottery win, would it be a Porsche or a BMW waiting in the garage when you got home from work?”

I find it odd that you find it more interesting to come up with ideas to make that much money. I mean, if I could come up with an idea that would get me $200M+, wouldn’t I execute that idea? Part of the fun of the lottery discussion is the idea that a couple of high school teachers (or factory workers, or cable technicians, or mechanics, etc.) could just suddenly happen into that kind of money on a chance purchase.

My MIL’s boyfriend is way into the win big on the lottery or slot machines and be set for life. I will admit that I used to play the lottery and have my dreams of winning, but now I have realized that I can still have the dreams of winning and still have the dollar in my pocket. I have plans now to be semi-retired by the time I turn 51. So, I don’t pick the numbers as often as I used to (like maybe once every year or two.)

I don’t see anything wrong with the lottery, slot machines, or gambling in general, but I still feel the need to have a paying job with retirement benefits as a good back up plan. Of course, when you see me playing Phil Hellmuth, Chris Moneymaker, and Doyle Brunson for the WSOP bracelet, I may have changed my mind.

SSG Schwartz

I only fantasize about winning the lottery when it gets to the $100 million mark and above. Then I figure I’d wind up with about a quarter of what the jackpot really is (you only get half if you take all the money at once and then some percent goes to taxes, so I conservatively estimate I’d get about a quarter of the jackpot). Anyway, then I start to fantasize about what I’d put aside and what I’d get and who I’d buy things for. Where I’d travel to, things like that.

In the last couple months I’ve taken to occasionally buying a lottery ticket with my odd change. Yes, I do. But then again I also gamble occasionally so what’s another couple bucks in lottery tickets. I know the odds. I do it because it’s fun.

But I think last time ended it for me. Got a $3 ticket which bought me six plays. Didn’t hit a single number…on any of them…not ONE. :smack:

Sure - it’s fun! “OK, we have $50 million after taxes. We’ll buy our parents houses, wherever they want, give this to that person, buy a house with a yard in San Francisco, etc…”


I fantasize about it now and then. I go halfway between the OP and his wife, though. Whatever amount I win, I set aside a large chunk of it to be invested. I figure I’m gonna buy stuff with the rest of it - and at least some of it will have maintenance/upkeep costs. Plus I don’t wanna be rich for a few years and then be stuck with a big house and a fancy car but not be able to afford to heat my house or run my car. I may even buy a smallish business or something with some of it - something I’d enjoy being part of and helping to run better, like a bookshop maybe.

Another chunk goes to various charities. Another chunk goes to various friends and family members. The rest - all mine, baby.

Obviously, I need to win a lot of money to accomplish all this. :smiley:

I fantasize. Oh, do I ever!

However, I only buy a ticket or two when the accumulated prize amount is so large that the amount I’d get by opting for the lump-sum option instead of the 23-year spread is enough to dazzle my dreams of avarice into a state of slavering near-dementia, and the fun I have imagining what I’ll do with my money on the ten-zillion-to-one chance that I hit it is well worth the couple of dollars I drop on two Quik-Piks.

I think most people do, I know I have.

Everytime the lottery gets up to the 100 million it becomes the topic of the day. Just imagine what you would do with all the money.

Pay off debt, buy a house and a new car. It is nice to dream.

I rarely play the big lottery though. Once in a blue moon I get the itch to buy a ticket and give away my dollar for dreams of wealth.

Yes. For me, it is really the “fun” of the lottery as I never really expect to win the thing.

(For what it’s worth… I rarely will buy a ticket. Usually if the Powerball gets above $200 million- then I figure I might as well at least have a SHOT at the lightning strike.)

If the lottery prize is $100 million, then punters have to lose over $100 million (to pay the lottery comany costs + profit etc) to produce that.

My money goes into an interest-bearing account. :slight_smile:

The key thing is only to gamble money you can afford to lose (since the odds are massive that you will lose), and especially not to say “we’ll be able to pay off our increasing debts once we win the lottery”. :eek:

Yup. But my fantasies go- buy house, buy car, give some to parents and relatives, buy mutual funds, find competent investor, start husband’s small business without worrying about income.

It’s pretty boring. I really like the idea of financial security and never having to work. Not a Vegas and champagne baths sort of girl.

I fantasise about it, sure. I buy a ticket once a week or so. The lotteries over here don’t normally pay out as much as those in America, but it would still be a nice chunk of change. I’m confident I’d be reasonably responsible. :slight_smile:

I say “If I won the lottery” because it’s easier than saying “If I suddenly had a shitload of money”. I’ve never bought a ticket.

However, if I won the lottery, :slight_smile: I’d want to hold on to most of it and enjoy a lovely, lovely feeling of security. I also want to give substantial amounts to family members, but I can never figure out how to divide it up in a way that wouldn’t cause a lot of squabbling.

Like some others, the $100 million mark is sort of the threshhold for me. I buy a ticket maybe 5-6 times a year, and maybe once a year my wife and I will play “what if…” It’s not like we’d go hog-wild on spending sprees or anything- we have the house we want, we have the lifestyle we want (pretty much). I would stop working though, mostly so I could volunteer and not worry that I wasn’t providing for my family. Our kids are in school so while we’d love to travel, we don’t want to home school them while we live out of a Winnebago driving around the countyside, although that would be kind of cool.

We might get a new car for each of us, but something reasonable, not like a Ferrari or anything. And there is the reality that in a large family, when you start handing out cash it will fuel resentment and jealousy- “why did we get the same amount when we need so much more than them”, or similar complaints.

I’m sure it’s not all wine and roses, but I wouldn’t mind giving it a shot.

I always fantasize about great windfalls. Unfortunately, I’ve no rich relatives, so lottery would be the most likely way that avoids me getting seriously hurt.

When the MegaMillions pot gets up into the 9-digit range, I’ll throw in $5 per drawing. Never even check the tickets though - local news will announce if jackpot winning ticket is sold locally, and the bodega where I buy the tickets will advertise any large ($1,000 or more) winner from his store (not the name, just that he sold a winner). No known winners, no reason to check…who knows, I may have thrown out a $20 winner at some time, but it isn’t like I’m expecting any real return on my $5 investment.

Yeah, I think about it sometimes; I thought everyone did. I don’t have any really specific plans, just a few thoughts. Like keeping a minimum amount (like $5million) in investments, going on a shopping spree at the mall, and being able to sleep in if I want to.

My husband, on the other hand, has it all planned out to the point of planning where we would live while our house is being remodeled and which buildings he would buy or sell as investment properties. Of course, he buys a ticket or two every week and I only buy them when it’s up in the mega millions.

I buy a ticket every time it goes over $100 million too, I know it’s dumb but I waste far more money on dumber things than that.

One of my favorites fantasy fuels is to go on Ebay and search “Real Estate” and sort by highest prices first. Not all the time, but a few times a year I’ll see something that really gets my attention.