Do you fantasize about winning the lottery (or other windfall)?

Nope. To me, sitting around thinking about things I’ll never have sounds like a recipe for frustration, not fun.

Here’s my questions for people like you;

Is a $1 ticket going to break you?
Are you worried that it will embarass you if others knew you bought it?
Are you worried you’ll get hooked and have problems down the road?

If the answer to all 3 questions is ‘no’, then buy a damn ticket.


To make the annoyance/gain/need/statistical crap/lack of hope balance out to be worth $1 to me, I’d have to be either a lot richer or a lot poorer. I’d probably do it for 1 cent, though.

I’m much more likely to enter a sweepstakes or raffle than buy a lottery ticket. With the lottery, nobody has to win, but with sweeps and raffles, there’s going to be a winner. It might as well be me.

When I fantasize about having a lot of money, pretty much the only thing I fantasize about is having a multi-million dollar home in The Foothills. I crave a lot of open space and complete privacy and quiet. Plus nice furnishings and appliances are good things to have. I couldn’t buy the house unless I had tons more money to maintain and insure it and pay the taxes on it, so I’d have to win, say, 25 million and invest a lot of it.

Twice a year Arizona has the Millionaire’s Raffle, where tickets are $20, but you have around a 300,000 to 1 chance of winning the million, which is much better than the lottery, and there are a lot of other large amounts given away, too. Somebody has to win it. I wouldn’t be able to buy my nice house in the saguaros with only a million, but I’d take it.

Hmm. Sounds from your posts in this thread so far that you enjoy working, and you make enough to be comfortable, get you what you want/need, and that you really don’t care for anything else. I guess the best way to understand the mindset you ask about is to imagine that you CAN’T make ends meet, or make just enough, without room for anything else except survival, or that you absolutely hate what you do, but stick with it because you have to. There’s a reason why it’s often the poor/retired who spend what they can’t afford on these kinds of things.

FRIEND! You know you’ve always been my favorite poster here, don’t you???

(Seriously, though, that’s another reason to keep on reacting to this the way you are.)

I once won a hundred-odd dollars on a scratch ticket. That was nice. :slight_smile:

I always sort of vaguely plan in the back of my head what I’d do with a million / five million / whatever dollars (‘x to school, x to Mum and Dad, x to my brother, x for a sweet waterfront apartment downtown’) but it’s never really serious.

(Man, I’d be happy right now with a job that’s more than minimum wage…)

I have decided the best way to get rich quick is like that guy who faked a will and nearly got part of a billionaire’s estate supposedly for giving him a lift in the desert. No, I couldn’t fake a will, but I could give some rich guy a lift, so that’s my get rich fantasy.

My husband and I fantasize about it in great length and detail. We talk about it for hours sometimes. We both work, and we’re living modest, respectable lives; our lottery fantasy doesn’t seem unhealthy to me - it’s blue-skying, and we both know it, but it is fun to talk about it together and make elaborate plans that we know have an extremely small chance of ever coming true.

I don’t fantasize about the lottery on a regular basis (can’t say I never do) but more regularly I think about how nice it would be to come up with a nice modest sum, like $3k or $10k or even $100k. Usually when I see someone on a TV show or in a movie that has come into some amount of money my mind instantly wanders into “what would I do with that?” thinking.

I used to fantasize.

For about a year, I bought a ticket every week.

One year’s worth of wasted money on tickets cured me of it. The odds are just so high against winning.

What’s funny is my mother’s logic - “SOMEBODY has to win - why shouldn’t it be us?” She still buys a ticket a week.

Relatively harmless entertainment, I suppose.

I fantasize about it all the time. And I don’t need the mega-millions; I fantasize about winning enough to catch up the bills, and buy a decent used car that doesn’t break down once a month, and leave a little something in the bank so events like flat tires or leaky water heaters aren’t massive budget-wrecking catastrophes. A measly $5,000 win on a scratch-card or bottle cap or something would help out immensely.

I don’t need to be a millionaire. I’d be happy if I just had enough.

This may sound cliché but yes, though not for me.

Before I would always say I would go out and buy my dream house most likely on a lake. While that still holds true, it wouldn’t be my first purchase.

Lately my sister and her husband have been having a hard time financially. They refinanced there home a little bit more then a year ago and were given some bad advice on one of those variable interest rate loans. They are 28/29 years old (respectably) and paying 2400 dollars a month on a house that was built in 1978. They are completely stressed out and over their heads.

So the very first thing I would do is pay off their mortgage. Hell, even if I won 1,000 or 10,000 or whatever amount, I would probably end up giving them 75 percent of it. They need it more then I do.

Well, my fantasy is that the Exxon will finally pay off from the 1989 oil spill. Other than taking a simple family vacation to somplace warm, the plan is to pay off debt and add the rest to our retirement nest egg.

I am not holding my breath though.

I don’t share my fantasies, but sometimes I will daydream about hitting it big. It costs two bucks to play both times in a week. Two bucks for a week of dreams is pretty cheap and it goes to a good cause.

So yea, sometimes I will day dream about it.

Sure. I buy tickets all the time.

To me, the epitome of joy would be to hit a lottery that cleared me at least $5 mil after taxes. I’d be set for life with that.