Do you feel some irrational hostility towards people who sound drunk when sober?

I do, to my shame - in my case it’s mostly a case of accents. As a North German transplanted to Baden-Württemberg, hearing an elderly sober Swabian speak often says ‘drunk’ to me (also some senior Saxons sound that way to me, but I don’t got to hear them that much).

Yes, especially when the owner of a company insists on doing his own commercials, and doesn’t know how to speak.

And the worst: when the owner of a jewelry company pronounces it “jewlurry.”

Not really, although I hate hearing Tom Menino speak.

But for some reason, Spanish really grates on my nerves. I wish it didn’t, because I hear it all the time.

I am incredibly hostile to unnecessary loudness. This applies to unnecessarily loud people especially. I don’t care if they sound drunk or not.

You mean like Tom Brockaw?

I’d rather hear someone who sounds drunk than someone who sounds like they’re from Philly :stuck_out_tongue:

(No offense, Phillydopers. I dislike pretty much any American accent that strays too far from “newscasterese” ).

Ha. This is off topic, but I can’t watch Wheel of Fortune because they shout the letters out. The contestants must be coached to do so because they all do it all the time. I don’t know who they’re shouting at, they’re all mic’d, it’s not like the dude lighting up the letters can’t hear them otherwise. It gets on my last nerve. I used to really like that game show, too. Now I can’t bear it.

nothing worse than an antisemantic