Do You Get Annoyed When People Come into Your Office When You're Posting on the SDMB?

I mean what is the deal with people today?

I am having fun arguing I mean dabating :wink: with some people on GD and people come into office and actually want me to work? WTH(means what the heck)is going on.

Don’t they realize when they want me to do some actual work that it interfers with my train of thought to my next post. Or even worse, I can get nailed by a fellow poster for missing something I should have caught while reading his/her reply post.

I just don’t understand why the other people at my office don’t leave me alone when I am trying to SAVE THE WORLD by debating on the SDMD!!!

I am sorry, I just had to vent that.

Nah, yer not the only one. I have to post in secret, 'cause everyone else in the office can see my screen. It’s amazing how nosy people will get when they see something “different” on your monitor.

Sorta like that one insurance commercial: “Cool website?” “Cool?” “Who said cool?”
“I have de goosabumps. . .”


I know . . . Isn’t it enough that I’m HERE; they want me to WORK, too?

When anyone looks askance at me, I just say, “Oh, it’s a publishing and information Web site. I was just posting to ask the general rules about hyphenating words that are proper names when modifying something.” . . . And hope they don’t notice the thread title at the top of my window is, “What Old Person Would You Want To Have Sex With?”

Well, I tell ya, I must have some seriously good karma 'cause not only do I have MY OWN OFFICE WITH A DOOR, but I’ve got his connection the size of a sewer pipe. Quick upload, quick download, the whole schmear.

Alt+tab is my friend! :smiley:

Well, I’m sitting in a dining room, not in an office, but yeah, it bugs the heck out of me when people look over my shoulder and say peevishly, “Aren’t you done YET?”

Five people, one computer–not a pretty sight.

I’ve become proficient at hearing people walking towards me on the industrial carpeting from 100 paces. I’ve always got something inportant and “worky” looking right being the Dope! It’s been really bad this week because somehow I got a little ahead in a project, so I’ve had some extra time to read and post more. Last week one of the other department managers said “Wow, y’know, you’re so dedicated. You’re the only person I’ve never seen with a website up on your computer. I’m always walking in on everyone else chatting or surfing.”

Damn I’m good :slight_smile: I think I deserve a raise. It’s not easy pretending to look this busy with boring work-related stuff all day! At least I’m trying to try!

I’m developing quite a reputation for being on this site all the time. Okay, granted, if I’m surfing, chances are I’m at this site.

But it never fails, the one time you’re looking/posting, that’s when someone will come by and notice that you’re not doing something work related.

Step off! I get my job done…