Do you "get" the recovery plan?

I do, inasmuch as I have no knowledge of economics. The idea behind it makes sense to me and I haven’t heard a better plan from The Other Side ™. My husband has no faith in the proposed solution.

Just wondering what the general vibe is in these parts. Do you think it’s the right route out of this mess?

I have mixed feelings about the current iteration of the plan.

Regarding federal spending, the rhetoric sounds good; spend money on things that will contribute to long-term steady growth (education, health care, energy, etc…) while creating/saving jobs in the near term. We’ll have to see how the implementation goes. I’m a bit alarmed at the proposed budget projections, though. The budget is projecting full employment sometime in 2013-2014, and yet deficits are planned all the way through at least 2019. I would hope that as we return to financial health, we would begin thinking about balancing the budget at a minimum, and ideally at least consider paying down a bit of the national debt.

I don’t have faith in the current financial stability plans at all. It feels like it deals with credit markets/lending and assumes we have a liquidity crisis. We probably do have liquidity issues, but we also have solvency issues. Debt/liabilities burdens are too high in my opinion, and I don’t feel this is being properly recognized and addressed at present.

Regulatory reform… well, it’s a bit early to start talking about fire prevention when the fire is still burning (to borrow Bernanke’s metaphor).

I think the Federal Reserve has been taking appropriate and necessary (albeit potentially risky) action.

I honestly have almost no clue what’s going on with it. And I try to keep myself at least somewhat informed. I do know, however, that many many people are expecting a check in the mail like we got last year. And from what I’ve read that’s not going to happen.