Do You Girls Like This Stuff Also?!?

Ummm. . . .

Naw, too easy.

Please tell your pants it’s not polite to point.

Well, you all know what my girl wants to do.

Suffice it to say, girls can be as horny, nasty, loud and forceful as men, if not more so.

In fact, every time I was kept up in a hotel room by a screaming couple next door, it was always the woman making the most noise. And the bed too, I suppose…

But make no mistake - SOME girls ARE like that. And I say, thank God for that!

Yer pal,

And a big UNFUCK YOU right back, Mark. Believe it or not, weight has precious little to do with how good a woman is in bed.

But then, if your priorities are so moronic, I doubt you’d know a good fuck if one came up and dry humped your ankle.

The weird stuff, to be perfectly honest, does absolutely nothing for me . I find it either humorous or disgusting.

I must admit, however, that I am stimulated by material which is, for want of a better term, “erotically romantic”.

Crystalguy wrote:

Then later, PUNdit wrote:

The two are related. Remember how other posters have been saying that men are strongly aroused by visual cues? Well, both high heels and a woman’s face tell you that this is, in fact, a woman getting it on here, and not merely a water buffalo.

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Wow, good thing everyone on this message board is slim and trim, or people might think this is a pretty fucking insensitive thing to say:

And, you took the words right out of my mouth, Phouka: (sort of!)

I can’t wait to feel the love in this thread after that crack…

A friend is someone who likes you even though you’re as ugly as a hat full of assholes.

Well, I’ve still never seen a porno. A few weeks back, my boyfriend and I went searching for Debbie Does Dallas to no avail. Meanwhile, during the search, I about burst trying to keep from laughing (I have a really loud guffaw that would attract way too much attention) at the videos. None of them looked sexy–they all looked, simply put, stupid. Although I was curious about the “she-male” video. And that Spanish ones–now that would be funny! And also–about the only reason I would ever watch a porno would be humor. (My boyfriend says it’s worth it just to hear the lame music.) That, and perhaps tips on oral technique. (Still educating myself, Zette! :smiley: )

The poses on the video jackets just looked absurd or even gross–faces covered with semen from multiple dicks in her face. Bleh! And some of the knockers were so unbelievably ballooned that I was almost appalled for/at the women: “What the hell are you doing to your body?” But hell–it’s their body and their buck.

I’ve been in a few sex stores, and some of the toys interest me. But for the most part, it’s obviously catering to men (and perhaps lesbian women–neuro? thoughts?)–women posing naked and spread-eagled on the cover package doesn’t make me say, “Oh, now that’s what I want!”–and I just felt out of place there. I did like the dress-up costumes, though. I’m all for the black leather whips and chains–and then on the other end of the spectrum, the little naughty French maid. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen Playgirl and it did nothing for me (so much nothing, in fact, I started a thread about it in MPSIMS). Actually, it did do something–it made me laugh. Hard.

I’m tending to think the stories would be more riveting for me (and probably other women, though not all). I’m just not a visual person. At all. About the silliest sight on Earth to me is an aroused naked man–but reading about what he might do…oooh!

So may I propose that maybe–men like the pictures, women like the words? Thoughts?

I used to think the world was against me. Now I know better. Some of the smaller countries are neutral.

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(SIGH) You must be female and you must be a touch heavy.

I will apologize to all heavy ladies here and now, but, I have a trait which is inbred, inborn, genetic or whatever and no amount of ‘getting in touch with my inner self,’ reality therapy, ‘I’m OK, You’re OK,’ or encounter therapy can change it. (I worked in psychiatry for some time.) Just as I cannot stand women who want to couple when physically dirty and stinky, I do not find obese, chunky, fat, plump or heavy women as attractive. THIS is my opinion and while I know that many a heavy lady is perhaps a real sweet heart, it simply does not turn me on. So, I apologize. I also dislike tremendously obese men, especially those who bulge strangely out in a WIDE pillow shaped area below their belt-line. I control my weight. It is difficult, but I do it and aside from actual genetic problems or major physical difficulties, I find obese people unattractive. (Notice, I did not act aggressively in this post, nor swear nor cast various and obscene comments towards anyone nor respond in any form of a hostile way.)

“Think of it as Evolution in action.”


Tastes cannot be argued, and if you say to me “I am not turned on by overweight women”, I’ll shrug and reply “your loss”. No biggie either way.

But, when you imply that thousands of radio listeners were duped into thinking a woman was desirable, a woman who couldn’t possibly be desirable because she was 250 pounds, then I have a problem.

So long as you understand the distinction between the two, I’ll simmer down.

And, yeah, Mark, I am overweight - right around that magic number of 250 - and I’m damn good in bed. But that’s not anything you’ll ever get to know firsthand - which really is your loss.

Well, I think the hypersensitivity is misplaced considering the lack of negative comments. I took his anecdote as a story illustrating the fact that most phone sex, radio women pretend to be something their not. He didn’t say she was fat and therefore unattractive to the masses, but implied (to me given the context) that she pretended to be the stereotype sexpot, just like the phone sex operators who all claim to be 36-24-36, blonde and bisexual. She’s doing you a greater injustice by lying than anyone put off by the true weight of the mystery woman.

phouka: Back off - fact is most men are not turned on by obesse woman and nothing Mark said was even close to being insulting.

It’s a scary thing when you’ve been talking over the phone to a woman with a sultry-rip-your-clothes-off-and-go-wild-voice only to meet her on a date and find out that sexy voice resides in a lay-on-the-couch-eating-her-weight-in-chocOdiles-body.

I don’t share Mark’s bacteria hangup, but the sight of rolls of flesh and cellulite just doesn’t get the ol’ blood flowing. And the two times I’ve been with “larger” women, I was afraid they were going to have a heart attack, with their red faces and shortness of breath. I’m sure you’re an exception, though - I’ll never know what I’m missing, right?

Hell is Other People.

Sake Samurai: No, I won’t. If Mark has personal tastes that don’t include overweight women, that’s fine. If he prefers that the women he has phone sex give him their height and weight measurements, that’s fine too.

But if he comes here and spews out the idea that that no one else in their right mind would find an overweight woman sexually desirable or attractive, then I’ll flame him like the judgemental, shallow, bigoted, pompous ass that he is.

If you have any doubts as to the lack of empathy and appalling tendency to equate a person’s value with their body fat index he exhibits, please stop by and judge for yourself.

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On a personal note, I my wife’s fantasies take about 2 hours to go through and involve story lines and characters and all of this stuff. As A man, this makes absolutely no sense to me. When the point is sexual gratification, why all of this other fluff. Why does it matter. Some things my y chromosome prohibits me from knowing.

On a different topic: Being easily offended is not a positive trait. If you are happy with your weight, prove it by not being so eager to pounce on “insensitive” comments. There are plenty of important things to get pissed off about.


. . . uh . . .

Look, it’s the Pit, right? Had Mark posted this in MPSIMS or Great Debates, I’d have been a lot more calm and polite.

My second round was inspired by the thread I posted above where Mark non-sequitor idiocy takes flight into the stratosphere.

And, accepting as I am of my own weight and health, it’s hard not to react when someone makes a ridiculously bigoted remark in a forum like this. Had it happened elsewhere, I’d have restrained myself to giving Mark the hairy eyeball and marking him down to “congenital moron” in records I keep in my head. But, remember, this is the Pit.

Will work for sig line.

phouka: You really shouldn’t have tried to incriminate Mark by linking the “hefty gals” thread. Now look what you’ve made me go and do. . .

Hell is Other People.

Ye gods people! Yet another adolescent chiaroscuro in full technicolor.

Pattern matching is not meaning, and ideas about beauty are poor substitutes for beauty itself. You can’t make a pie out of a picture of an apple any more than you can make an adult sex life out of a collection of porn films and sex toys.

If the picture inspires a thought, so much the better, but let’s not be leaping from idea to possiblity to certainty to accusation with such facility.

Geezus, it’s no damned wonder that all the smart people have been scared sterile.

Dr. Watson
“Nature uses us as surely and as purposefully as we try to use nature.”

And, yeah, Mark, I am overweight - right around that magic number of 250 - and I’m damn good in bed. But that’s not anything you’ll ever get to know firsthand - which really is your loss.

Definitely not and probably not.

“Think of it as Evolution in action.”

I have that on tape… kinda crappy copy, but still hilarious. Not an erotic moment in the whole thing, though.

As for the 250lb reference, I saw it the same way phouka did… like “wow, she sure was fooling people into thinking she might be attractive, since at 250 she sure can’t be!”

O p a l C a t

I LOVE porn!! Magazines & books, though, not so much the movies. See, men have, like auxiliary sex glands in their eyes or something, so they are very aroused by looking…I like to read stories & imagine they’re happening to me…don’t really like to watch other people fucking. Would rather be doing than watching.

Excuse any typos, I’m typing one-handed just htinking about this…gotta go now, back in ten…

OK, I’m back. (Don’t worry, I washed my hands…)

A big problem I have with the visual stuff is the people in it aren’t types that I’m attracted to. The women all have those fake tans, & I like pale skin…the lighter, the better. & they wear those ridiculous fake pearl necklace & tacky nylon lace negligees. & they have cheesy 80’s big hair. If there were porno movies with women who looked like Courteney Cox (before she got scary-thin, when she was hot), I’d never leave the house.

Plus the whole leaving-the-shoes on thing is really ridiculous & destroys any disbelief suspension…it just lets me KNOW that it’s all faked, somehow.