Do You Girls Like This Stuff Also?!?

Being bored and with nothing better to do, I followed some of the ‘Sickest Sites’ lists posted in previous SDMBs and eventually wound up (of course) in the sexual areas. Now, after taking a tour through both real and cartoon areas, I observed the fantasy section – all toons – most artfully accomplished, for the most part and ranging from normal sex to bondage, torture, rape, alien-stuff and so on.

I paused to consider that, of course, the majority of the observers of such sites, along with the contributors to and the creators of, are male. I have noted very few female and of those who have dabbled in such extreme porn, most always have a male counterpart urging them on.

Being male myself, fully aware of the differences in the male psyche for both biological, sociological, and environmental reasons, from women and having studied the differences through many sources, I pondered a question.

Tell me, do you gals get off on such – uh ‘stuff’ like the guys do? I recall years ago showing a porn tape to a girlfriend of mine who had never seen one before. As I settled in for what I assumed would be an evening of erotic desires and steamy sexual encounters, I rolled the tape. She laughed her way through it! Feet in the air, hands over her mouth from time to time, eyes popping, laughing loud enough to rattle the windows, she kept turning to me and asking me if guys really like to do THAT and how could she do THAT and would I buy her one of THOSE and where could she get THAT.

The evening was interesting, to say the least. Not quite the reaction I had expected. A few other female companions over the years have expressed little if any desire for porn or any of the stuff shown in such sites. None have expressed much interest in the ever talked about and seemingly growing incidents of two girls together. (I did make the error of taking one to a porn store, at her request, where she clung to me and wide eye’d, walked around the place observing all of the magazines, films, devices and assorted stuff, alternately giggling, expressing muffled cries of amazement and looking in shocked disbelief at some things. She talked me into buying her a rubber device and, much to my dismay, discovered she liked using it most frequently – without any help.)

So, I gotta know. Are chicks into all of that kind of stuff too, or just horny, probably perverted guys?

“Think of it as Evolution in action.”

A lot of male porn involves things that women consider degrading and dominating. It really depends on the particular woman. Some women are turned on by the illusion of being forced, while others find it repellent. I think it’s safe to say that most women aren’t as kinky as the ones in the movies. According to a lot of surveys I’ve seen, most women (myself included) want to feel cared for and respected while having sex.

Your girlfriend laughed for the same reason I laugh, I’m sure: The exaggerated moans, the woman’s instant sexual arousal and/or orgasm and the poses these women adopt while giving sultry looks is very funny sometimes.

Men are more visual, sexually, than women. Women’s sexual fantasies usually envolve feelings rather than images, and thus are generally not turned on by pictures of nude men. Porn generally doesn’t work on us, and thus we see it for what it is: a terribly bad movie with no plot starring women with enormously augmented breasts in skimpy clothing having sex with the first stranger they see, usually in wildly contorted positions or, screaming and moaning like she’s going to die. Plus, the men are hideous. Result: only fun if you make fun of it.

If you really want to hear your girlfriend / wife giggle, Play it on fast foward.

Not that I would know.

Lissa hit the nail right on the “head”, so to speak. I like good smut as much as the next girl, but some of it is just hilarious. The instant the couple starts intercourse, the woman is screaming like a banshee in heat. Come on. Get friggin’ real here.
As a funny aside, my brother in law gets “Maxim” magazine. One month there was an article about giving your girlfriend the “ultimate orgasm”. My sister and I both laughed so hard we were crying. It was about a “new position” that guarenteed that she would “feel every inch”.
Wow. Clueless.

Anyway, I like the playboy channel because it’s more erotica then pornography. I find it much more arousing to see some kind of buildup, then a realistic (or semi realistic) hot scene. Sure beats the extreme close up action of most porn.

(did I say all that in my out loud voice?)

A friend is someone who likes you even though you’re as ugly as a hat full of assholes.

If you visit a video store you can see if women are renting adult stuff because its usually in a seperate area of the store.

Much more fun to play it fast reverse.

No, no, no. Slo-mo reverse. Can you say “vacuum hose”?

I like porno, I have a drawful of toys, and I love shopping at the porno-shop (the one I go to is actually geared towards women and is pretty classy). I love to suprise a new lover with something from the toybox.

The difference is, is that men think they understand the type of porn/toys/etc. that women like, but in reality, they have no clue.

Please tell your pants it’s not polite to point.

I think this is significant. In most of the porno photographs I have seen, if the position the people are in permits it, the woman almost invariably is looking directly into the camera. The men are usually somewhat more focused on the task at hand. I must say that exactly what the significane is, I don’t know. I suspect that I know but I am not certain I want my suspicions confirmed.

I had my own porn video collection which I used to, uh, take care of myslf, shall we say. I haven’t used them since I’ve had a male person to take care of my phyiscal needs.

I don’t care much for video porn, but I do like reading Penthouse Letters, and stuff like that. Also, I’ve found that the pictorials in that magazine are far more erotic and arousing to me than any other on the market today. Hell, sometimes, I even read the articles! In the “ChrisCTP’s silly survey stuff” thread in MPSIMS, I said I didn’t have any magazine subscriptions. I lied.

God is dead. -Nietzsche
Nietzsche is dead. -God
Neitzsche is God. -Dead

Porn is fine for a little while but then I get to feeling kind of “full”, like scarfing down one too many donuts. I do love erotic fiction-there’s something about the written word…which probably explains my occasional forays into cybersex, little slut that I am.


Well, this has been most refreshing and enlightening. I must add that the girl I showed the porn to had an active sex life prior to my meeting her, so she was no naive little thing. (She could drink me under the table!)

I like porn and dislike the rough stuff, have no desire for ‘snuff’ films nor kiddy sex. I have a deep suspicion that over 50% of the male members of the ‘moral minority’ who yammer about stopping porn have some magazines stored secretly away and 25% of the female members probably have some little battery operated devices, normally used for other things. (Like that new ‘finger’ messager (SP?) on TV, with the 4 different tips, used for ‘sore’ muscles. Hmph! Like the ‘muscles’ it’s coincidentally designed just right for are in the shoulders. HA!) The way I look at it, a little porn adds a bit of spice to a relationship.

I never particularly cared about girls wearing those sexy ‘almost-nothings’ like Madonna’s girdle-bra type of thing until one surprised me by wearing nothing else. It enhanced the pleasurable experience and she really enjoyed wearing it. The lower V shape of the waist really accented her figure! (Sigh! Those were great years, the 70’s.)

For me, though, I and my partner have to be CLEAN! Nothing bugs me more than foul scents. Years ago, on girl thought I was a bit nuts when I refused to have some ‘spontaneous sex’ with her after we had both been hauling in furniture and redoing a house all day. I stunk bad enough to smell me and she was certainly no bed of roses. Plus the thought of kicking off both sets of ripe sneakers and rolling around on the floor almost made me run for the disinfectant! I’ve heard guys talk about ‘stinky sex’ and some have considered me strange for not agreeing. Don’t tell me you girls actually get into that type of smelly stuff also.

“Think of it as Evolution in action.”

I just might be one of the few men on the planet who really doesn’t care for hard core porn.

The reason is simple. Watching some guy pull his meat out of a skanky ho and hosing her down with his juice is simply disqusting.

I like the written word and sof porn (a al Basic Instinct and Nine and a Half Weeks much better).

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

TO Sealmon 88;

Accepted. A friend of mine disliked my vast library of porn flicks and mags BUT he got all steamed up over any pictures of lesbian activities in the nude.

I will admitt that I liked the older porn (8mm reel to reel projector) because the guys mostly completed INSIDE. Watching another dud firehose all over the place is not my idea of a thrill. I have talked about that to some other guys and found than many do consider that one of the best parts. That made me consider some interesting psychiatric theories I had heard of but I wisely kept my mouth shut because they were bigger than me and I break easily.

“Think of it as Evolution in action.”

What I want to know is why the women in porn films keep their high heels on throughout?

note to MajorMD (AKA Sue in El Paso) not that I have ever watched any of this stuff.

Just to chime in with a few anecdotes.

I love porn, and can enjoy it the traditional way, and also like watching it in groups, occasionally mixed company. When viewing in groups its a laugh riot (some really good porn isn’t funny). So I know why many girls laugh at it, and note how silly the poses, moaning, and outfits are, but realize men know its tacky too. We, however, put that aside, and immerse ourselves in the fantasy, etc. A comparison is the women’s trashy romance novels, that are so poorly written, and loaded with idiotic metaphors. I can’t get interested in these no matter what mindset I have, but I’m sure women know its lame, but likewise immerse in the fantasy. So men and women aren’t that different, just have different mediums.

One ex of mine asked to watch a porn with me, not a problem, and not something that I’d considered yet. She ended up really getting off on it, and kept her eyes guyed to it while we had sex. She loved the come shots, lesbian sex, moaning, and talking dirty. She was a special girl. So some women really enjoy porn, sex used written stuff with pictures to masturbate though. But, she never had a private VCR as long as I knew her, so that may change.

Another ex didn’t enjoy hardcore porn. Would watch it, and laugh at it, but wasn’t to keen on me watching it, and then coming to her for relief. She did however love Skinemax, and softcore porn off Playboy channel. This got her realy hot, and she watched it alone to please herself. Something she occasionally called to share with me on the phone during brief LDR periods, much to my delight. We’d be up late watching TV, and come accross a skin flick and that was like foreplay, she’d be reved up, and ready to go.

These are two examples of women who like porn, but one who perfered hardcore porn, and another who liked the soft side. Like they say, different strokes - different folks.

One thing that doesn’t seem to common is women enjoying online porn. I know several who have cybersex, and some who like traditional magazines, and movie as above. I have yet to hear of a girl who likes online porn sites. Any input from the ladies on this?


…and kept her eyes glued to it…

Damn its early. Note to self: Proofread twice before noon.

“So some women really enjoy porn, she used written stuff with pictures to masturbate…”

It also helps to type with two hands.

Please tell your pants it’s not polite to point.


I forget to proofread from time to time and now and then my e key sticks a bit.

Cybersex is something I do not understand, along with phone sex. Neither turns me on and I have been astonished by the vast amount of phone sex companies which have popped up. If I talk dirty to some lady I like to know that I ACTUALLY have the very real possibility of meeting her shortly after and having an interesting encounter.

Besides, I have discovered how easy it is for women to get into a phone sex setup, along with guys and know that the gorgeous models you see posing seductively on TV are most likely NOT anything like what you are actually going to talk to. I knew a female DJ, who years back ran a late night radio show and her sweet, seductive voice drove listeners wild. What few knew was that she weighed in at almost 250 pounds!

Plus, I was on a message board, had a delightful young lady contact me thru e-mail and started getting interested when she began sending me nude pictures of herself. LUCKILY I was careful about my replies because shortly after I discovered it was a GUY pulling my chain as a joke.

Besides, in cybersex, the person who gets you all steamed up might be 1000 miles away. Not much chance there of physical contact. It has also been disclosed that some guys are hired who have sexy female-like voices so you might not be talking to a real girl in phone sex.

No. Not for me. I like the real thing. I like to touch, which is why women are made with that wonderfully soft and silky skin and curve in all the right places.

“Think of it as Evolution in action.”

Omniscient said:

Actually, I’d think it’d be better for her, both medically and erotically, if she were to use her finger, a vibrator, or something to masturbate and just look at the “written stuff with pictures.”

Note: The above adverb “medically” is not intended to provide medical advice. Please consult your own doctor as to what technique for masturbation he or she uses. :slight_smile: