I don't understand how someone could get bored of looking at naked women

When I was in school out west I knew this cat who did his undergrad at Chico, IIRC, and he remarked about how scantily clad the women were around there. I in turn remarked that that would be nice. He said it wasn’t because you get accustomed and don’t notice it after a while. Then recently, in a thread on the SDMB, someone remarked that he got bored looking at internet porn. These events don’t seem to be the first time that I’ve heard such sentiments. And these are sentiments that I simply don’t understand.

I’m in my thirties and I still exclaim “Wow!” at the sight of a beautiful face. I’m just as mesmerized as ever by a pair of beautiful brown eyes. (Oh, Bonnie the Barrista! Where have you been?) I’m still hypnotized by beautiful thick hair. I’m enchanted by a strong greek nose. And don’t get me started on soft, full lips.

And hands! Oh, where do I begin?! Delicate, gentle feminine hands…is there anything more beautiful? I’ve spent more than my share of time wondering how there can be a purpose to life when the most beautiful instruments are used for such vulgar activities as washing dishes. Yet they are. I could watch a women with beautiful hands work for hours. And I don’t even have a handjob fetish.

If I still delight to the magic of these visible parts of the feminine form, why should I think that I’d get bored with the parts currently covered up? Surely many a breast unhindered doesn’t match the outline of the self-same breast when supported and enhanced by the latest überbra, yet from that can I infer that I would not be entranced by that breast in its natural state?

Is a little womanly cellulite such a sin? Or does it shock us because of our obsesson with hiding it?

I submit that were I in an area where bikinis, or even nudity, were the average wear, I would still be everyday entranced by the beauty of the feminine form. Perhaps my expectations would be more realistic. But would that be so bad?

Do societies that expect women to cover their faces make the same arguments to defend it? Do taliban living in Jordan tell their friends at home, you get so used to looking at faces that you don’t even notice after a while.

Well, that’s my meditation for now. If you can explain habituation to skin, the please do!

i feel the same way about guys. i’ll take naked guys any way I can get them from ya :slight_smile:

I think I’m in love :wink:

Ah yes, the joys of summertime and a fresh batch of firstyear uni students.

I’ll love to express eleoquent prose and talk about the many wonders of the female form as you have **js_africanus
**, with such wit and wisdom, but alas my mind cannot comprehend the true beauty.

Suffice to say, me like legs and boobies.

As someone with a decent amount of exerience at nudist events:

You’d probably get turned on by a woman’s appearance at events where no one was wearing any clothing at approximately the same frequency that you do now with their clothes on. You do get used to it some - but I think it’s unlikely that you’d become bored by it, either.

At least, that’s my experience. YMMV, of course.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t understand how you could get tired of looking at beautiful women IRL. As far as the pornography goes, I can relate. Having recently been a porn fiend of epic proportions and having seen a lot more than my fair share of it, I can honestly say that while there are some things which can still pique my interest, most pornography is… uninspiring. While I don’t know that “bored” is necessarily the word that I would use, I can understand how a person wouldn’t jump out of his chair and run down the hall just to see a little more porno.

I agree with Sqube - and also, for me a smart, cute woman is far sexier than some anonymous internet porn chick - not, I hasten to add, that I wouldn’t bang said porn chick in a second if I had the opportunity. :slight_smile: So porn isn’t as interesting to me as, say talking to an attractive fully clad woman about an interesting topic.

Well, I rarely wax rhapsodic (as long I keep that damn inner poet subdued) about them but, I, too, like women’s hand’s. There’s something very sensual about their form and delicacy that’s very appealing.

Nor have I gotten tired of the varied beauty of women. Internet porn? Well, ho hum. While many of those women do have great physical beauty, the photography is usually not sufficiently well done to capture the inner beauty, or even the subtle beauty of the less dramatic aspects of a woman’s body. But, real women are a different matter. I’m not only just as interested as I was 20 years ago, but also more appreciative of the subtler beauties that can be found in almost any woman.

{{{sigh}}} tag’s heart just melts
I am such a sucker for perty words.

Seriously though gents, it’s a wonderful thing to hear that y’all have an appreciation for us women. There’s so much pressure to look picture-perfect (at least for me), that just reading this has made me smile throughout the day. :slight_smile:

Don’t you? You do in my mind’s eye. :slight_smile:

Ohh…now you see? Here I go…I’m melting into a puddle. Ladies don’t do that :wink:

You’re a sweetheart DaveBear :slight_smile: Can I get you a glass of chilled champagne darlin’? My treat…

Was it me js_africanus?

(who said he got bored looking at porn)

I did say somewhere that it turns me off. It’s because I have seen so much of it, and it no longer turns me on, so it can only turn me off.
I will never ever ever get bored looking at pretty/attractive women, weither they are scantily clad or not.

It is difficult to explain. Did you ever have pictures of a particular music or film star on your wall, that you are attracted to? Did you get bored with it after it had been on your wall for over a year? That’s how I am bored with most porn. Now I (‘ahem’, <cough>) ‘use’ it as a necesary evil.

(‘did I just admit that out loud?’)

Like you I am mesmerized by (certain and specific) pretty faces, and ‘nice’ bodies, - when I see them doing normal things. When I see porn I am not seeing pretty faces and nice bodies, I am seeing porn. I am seeing two experienced people do their job, and (contrary to what they might tell you) are probably not enjoying it as much as the average non-porn star.

I am turned off by the word ‘experience’ when referenced to sex. I am turned on by ‘inexperience’. I am turned on by the idea that it’s a new and exciting thing to do.

Also - for porn stars - their lives are about sex. I could be a bloke and say ‘great. the perfect woman’ but I am not a ‘bloke’ (I am male though) I want/desire women with a talent other than sex. Anyone can be good at sex.

The brain is a complicated thing, with conflicting desires - Sure I will seek out a pretty face, big boobies, long legs, perfect skin etc… I am virtually programmed to do that. But Somewhere in the more evolved brain in my head I know that those elements come second when you have been with someone for long enough, and there has to be something to take first place. I.e. a good personality.

So I want a woman with a pretty face, a nice body, an intelect, a hobby, a sense of humour , a life!

You rang? laughs

I could never get tired of seeing beautiful naked women. Then again, I could never get tired of seeing beautiful women, period. Not only the parts normally covered by clothing (and their lovely shapes even while covered), but hands, arms, faces (I could write for years about the gorgeous architecture of some lips and eyes), the exquisite back of the neck, etc. If said beautiful woman is also intelligent and fun to be around, I’m in heaven. Just thinking about it is making me salivate…

wimin reely gud!

chuckle So…what’s your hobby? :smiley:

And, I’d love a glass of champagne, if you’ll join me.

Sorry for the hijack, JS.

I’d respond darlin’, but I don’t want to hijack this beautiful thread further.
tag slips Dave a champgane and joins him - here’s to you :slight_smile:

Already in Use, I loved reading your post. You guys are very good for a girls ego. :slight_smile: Even Lobsang! That gave me a chuckle.

I really can’t recall. Though I must admit as well that the artform gets to be very tedious, even on my few visits to the internet’s seedier side. I think that it can be difficult to distinguish the art form from the subject, but I do recall a recent visit to the Red Light district and thinking (though not exclaiming) “Wow!” at various adult models’s eyes, noses, hair, etc. But I would agree that the art form per se can get very old, very quickly.

No. I have been obsessed with Paige Davis, host of Trading Spaces, for a little while now and I still swoon at a number of little things, like her skin tone, the little triangle of little moles on her cheek, and the way her eye shadow complements her skin. But she is not my first celebrity crush, so I must have grown less enthralled with the others before her, otherwise she wouldn’t be my big celebrity crush.

But I don’t think that really has to do with the spirit of the OP, which is better encapsulated by the guy from Chico – that I would become bored with tummies and breasts if women constantly wore bikini tops, for example.

Or the Mediterranean-type women who can get that hint of dark fuzz going down their sternums. Mmmmmm. (Bonnie the Barrista, are you but phantom sent by my evil brain to torment me?!)

You should be a big Asia Carrera fan, then, since she reads physics for fun. www.celebatheists.com/entries/atheist_5.html#3

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So in the spirit of hijacking, what (or rather who) I also obsess about right now is the beautiful angel who will not only love me, but also happens to be a mathematician and will take me through Euclid’s Elements and Courant’s What is Mathematics step by step. Or perhaps a physicist who’ll guide me through Feynman’s physics lectures

“…for, hands that do dishes are as soft as can be, with mild green fairy liquid”

Tag said

Trust me. I’m a guy, I have my Guy ID Card if you want to see it. All you have to do is look like a girl, 98.92% of us will love you for it. As for the others? They’re assholes, don’t sweat it. :slight_smile: