Do you give your cats free rein of the house? (Counter tops and the like)

I admit, my cats are spoiled. They pretty much go where ever the hell they want.

The only place they aren’t allowed are the pantry and the cabinets. (Linen cabinet is exempt.)

Counter tops are pretty much a must for at least one of my cats as he likes to sit on top of the fridge and watch me cook. Why he likes to do this, I have no idea as he doesn’t eat people food.

I’ve trained mine not to do things like that…while I’m looking.

How would you stop them when you aren’t around?

My cat doesn’t get on the countertops thankfully, or I’d definitely stop that shit. I have her trained to stay off the dining table while I’m looking.

Just… kitty feet in litter box. Nuff said.

You’ve trained your cat to wipe her feet-congratulations! :smiley:

yeah i’m not very comfortable with the thought of cat shit feet all over a food-prep surface, so i keep the cats off the counter tops as much as possible.

No counters, no tables. Obviously they may disobey when we’re not around, and I’m sure it happens from time to time, but I don’t think think it happens a whole lot, due to lack of fur, knocked over items, etc.

No cats now, but I had 'em for most of my life. Never on the countertops or tables. I’m pretty lax when it comes to animals and cleanliness, but personally, I don’t want to ever eat food that’s been prepped where a cat walks. Or any other critter for that matter.

I don’t remember it being a big deal to train them not to go on the counters, either. A few shots with the spray bottle as a youngster and they never did it again. And, like FoundWaldo, I don’t think they cheated when I wasn’t looking, because they were always pretty good at leaving messes where they went. And I never worried about leaving cat-friendly food on the counters, either. They were too afraid of the Giant Water Fountain that started when they got up there.

Scat mats. A sort of lay-down electric wire fence in a mat.

Or boobytraps that just make a lot of noise.

My cats have free reign. I want them out of my bed, though. They’re interfering with getting a good nights sleep.

When we had one, I tried to keep her off the table. Now that there’s more, and one especially is a jerk who wouldn’t listen anyway, I don’t bother. Obviously, if there’s food anywhere, they stay away.

They rarely jump on the kitchen counter top. That gets water in the face. They don’t belong up there, but more importantly the glass top stove count might be going strong. I suspect that that mistake would only happen once, though.

Anywhere they want to go in the house, except:
[li]Three-fourths of the kitchen counter-tops are off limits (for their safety).[/li][li]The tiny space above the kitchen cupboard just under the ceiling. Our oldest does this occasionally just to annoy us. Besides, there are breakable things up there.[/li][li]On top of the thin plasma TVs and LCD computer monitors. They could get hurt and the damn things cost money to replace.[/li][li]Two of three other spots on furniture where there are breakable things.[/li][li]At 2:30 in the morning when my little girl walks up my body, gets within microns of my face, then gently meows spewing cat breath having just eaten cat food, so as to want attention and climb under the covers. I lose there as well because if I try to ignore her she tries again, or just turns around, and farts while walking away.[/li][/ul]

Ours are discouraged from acts of personal hygiene on the kitchen table, at least while we are eating. We also protest attempts to eat from our plates before we have finished our food. We are firm, however, on forbidding cat feet in our plates.

(We often point out to them that some people don’t let their cats on the table. They get real snarky and remark that some people don’t deserve cats.)

I wouldn’t let a person walk on my counters, so my cat doesn’t get to either. Poopy paws. I’ve never found evidence that he’s been on the kitchen counters, but I can’t be sure that he hasn’t sneaked up there before.
Everywhere else is free reign.

Table and counter just get a 1:32 bleach wipedown prior to food prep or table-dinner eating. Just as routine as washing hands and for the same reasons.

My cats are allowed to go onto tables in the living room, but not onto any other surface anywhere else, except the floor. And I keep them out of the basement and attic; too many ways to get hurt and/or dirty.

But one of them like to chew on rubber bands, and I have no idea where she finds them. Certainly not anywhere she’s allowed to go.

Our boyo has one table that’s “his” that he is allowed on to give him window access. No other tables or counters. I occasionally have to spray or scold him, but he’s pretty good at staying off of the rest of the tables & I don’t think I’ve ever seen him on the counter. All other furniture is his domain. :slight_smile: He especially thinks it’s his bed & he just lets us sleep in it out of the goodness of his black little heart.

Free rein. Fridge, beds, whatever. With two dogs, we can’t leave her food on the floor, so her food and water are on the kitchen counter.

She’s a free range cat with no litterbox, so I don’t freak out about cat paw germs. Then again, I don’t eat off the counter either.:smiley:

When I first walked into this house as a new-home shopper, the first thing I said was, “Look! It has a cat shelf!”…meaning the vaulted ceiling is open to the kitchen and there is a nice catwalk formed by the 3/4 wall and the kitchen cabinets on the other side.
So…they get the cabinet tops and pretty much all other surfaces. I don’t let them sleep in the bedrooms, and only Bobbin gets to hang out in a bedroom for part of the day (only because Trouble beats her up if she goes into the common areas.)
I always sanitize my counters and stove top before I cook or make coffee or anything, because yeah, they’re everywhere. Wouldn’t want it any other way. :slight_smile:

NO, I do not let my cat have free reign… at least not while I’m around.

I honestly think a lot less of people when they let their cats crawl all over their countertops and such. Not a “you’re the scum of the earth” sort of way but “oh your one of THOSE people” sort of way.

My cats were a perfect lady and gentleman and never jumped on the countertops–well, except when on the way to the top of the refrigerator, for the male. And then I got a puppy.

So, they have a cat tree, but it’s a bit wobbly. Especially when there was a puppy trying to get up there to play with them. They reverted to jumping onto the kitchen table and the kitchen counter, and we let them.

They aren’t afraid of the dog anymore, and he’s learned not to chase them (mostly), but I don’t think we’re ever going to get them back to not getting on the countertops.