Do you guys do this?

Since I’m way to lazy to type it all out again, I’m going to C&P from #straightdope, since I just went through the whole story there.

<slvrfire> So I was driving today (in a 55mph zone) and I called the cops to report a reckless driver (because, god damn it, I fucking HATE stupid people). So I was talking to a Trooper all, “68… No, 72… Shit, we’ve reached 80mph” The cops’s like “I don’t want you to get hurt or arrested, so do NOT exceed the speed limit” I’m all, “I have to or I’ll never keep up with him!” [He asked me for the make, model, color, and year of my car too, so I’m guessing they wouldn’t have pulled me over anyway.]

<EnderW24> what was he doing that was reckless?

<slvrfire> Well, he passed me in a NO PASSING zone while there was oncoming traffic, forcing the oncoming traffic onto the shoulder, at the same time forcing myself and two other cars on my side of the road onto the shoulder, not to mention speeding.

<slvrfire> And my brother’s like “Dude, you are SUCH a narc” No I am not. I’m a fucking hero, as far as I’m concerned. That stupid fuck came real close to killing a few people today.

<EnderW24> So did they nab him?
<Doobieous> go silvy!

<slvrfire> No, I couldn’t follow him anymore because A) I wasn’t going that way, and B) He knew I was following him and I’m not about to put myself at that kind of risk. The cops ran his plates and went to his house. Of course he denied it. The State Trooper called me and told me that I had a choice. I could have him cite this guy, which would mean I’d have to appear in court (and it’d be my word against his) or he could just blow the guy off and tell the cops to keep their eyes open for him. The cop was like, “You know, he was a total dick to me. I know he’d fight this in court.” And I dont’ feel like going to trial right now. But he thanked me repeatedly and told me not to be discouraged from making calls like that (since the dude didn’t get in trouble). But, like I said, I’ve caused a few arrests in my time. I’m not discouraged.

Yeah. I really do think it’s very helpful, considering that I have personally alerted police to like half a dozen drunk drivers (not to mention just plain stupid people) that, given another hour of driving time, could have EASILY killed a family or themselves.

So am I just a narc, or do other people do this?

I’ve done it. I’ve called in about weaving, uneven drivers on the interstate. I’ll tell you, it’s a lot of fun getting close enough to read the tags. I’ve also threatened obviously drunk people on their way to their cars with that - I’ve worked at hotels for a long time.
Funny thing - I’m trying to keep them out of trouble and alive, but they never seem to appreciate it…

Oh heck yeah, man. :slight_smile:

A few years ago I worked at a fast-food restaurant. If I had to work on a Friday or Saturday night, I would insist on working drive-through. That way, I could spot drunk drivers and report them to the police. Since I was right there talking the driver, I got a good description of them, their car, license number, and direction of travel. The cops welcomed the calls on the 911 line.

I did the same thing when working at a grocery store late at nights. (It wasn’t enough that they were already drunk, they had to stop at MY STORE for more beer. Fools. hehehe)

Your brother sounds like he knows you pretty well.

I’ve been driving for 23 years and I have only called on one person, a big rig trucker who was tailgating and weaving in and out of traffic at about 75 mph in heavy traffic. It would have to be that serious before I ratted on someone.

I’ve done it before, but never wanted to take time off from work to go to court, like you would have had to do.

A guy did a hit & run on my vehicle. I followed (more like pursued) him (going the wrong way down one way streets) & got this plate number. Long story short: He was in the military, so his commanding officer forced him to pay for my damages.

So coming within INCHES of hitting another vehicle head on at 70mph+ isn’t serious?

Wow, you need some perspective or common sense or crack or something…

I do this all of the time.

I call in people who slide off of the highway in the winter and I call in drunk drivers whenever possible.

You have no idea how many lives you have saved by doing so, thank you Silver Fire.

You go, Silver Fire!

Yes, I have called people in, too. One was weaving all over 3 lanes. Not speeding, tho, so it was easy to get a license # and make & model of the car. Another was stoned drunk and asleep at the wheel, and the car was nose into the ditch, 90 degrees to the road, and still running. We couldn’t wake him, so I reached in, turned the car off, and dropped the keys on the back seat. Even if he did wake up before the cops got there, he wouldn’t have found them and drove off.

Drunk drivers are a menace. I’m a firm believer in not cutting them any slack.

I’ve never done it.
But I would if I had a cell phone.

I’ve done it three times, off the top of my head.

Once was a carload of teenagers weaving all over the road, slowing down then speeding up, and other hijinks around after-school time. I called the cops with the plate number and description. Turned out (of course) they were driving the parents’ car. Cops notified the parents, and I would have liked to be a fly on the wall at that house when they got home.

The second time was a school bus (!) tailgating me (I was doing 60 in a 55 zone) for about a mile, then passing me on a hill, no visibility (and fortunately no oncoming traffic, and no kids on the bus). I got the bus number and called the bus company as soon as I could find a phone.

The third time, Mr S. and I saw a woman do what Silver Fire described: passing with oncoming traffic in a double-solid-yellow zone and forcing everyone off the road. Two things made it interesting: The second oncoming car that had to go on the shoulder was a cop, and the woman’s car was identical to mine: make, color, everything. We saw the cop turn around, so we know he saw her. At the next stoplight, he came up behind us, then turned off. We guessed that from a distance, he thought we were her, but then saw that there were two people in the car, not one. But we could still see her up ahead, so we followed her into town, watched her park (presumably at work – it was around 7 am), and got her plate number. Then we drove the two blocks to the cop shop, where we described what happened (easy to describe the car!) and they said they’d send an officer over there.

You bet I call in when there’s obvious danger. Bummer, now that I have a cell phone, I haven’t had a chance to blow the whistle on anyone.

Would I call in a drunken driver (or somehow otherwise dangerous driver)?

In a heartbeat.

The way I figure it, I’m saving someone’s life.

Yes, yes, Silver Fire, by all means keep up the good work. The police can’t be everywhere, they need the puplic’s help in spotting jerks on the road.

Just don’t put a quota on your reporting, and stay away from donut shops, because they can’t beat your peanut butter/chocolate chip cookies.

Let’s distinguish between, drunks and “recklessness”

What you may consider I may not. Some people are better drivers than others. Obvisouly, (most) 90 year old little man can not drive as well as a 24 year old.

Yes, they should be punished. Yes I have driven drunk before, but I had control of the vehicle. It’s really all about your tolerances for the stuff. You can resposible drink and drive.

Nicklz, you can not drive drunk and responsibly at the same time.

Yeah, drunk drivers always think they’re in control enough to drive. Even the ones that kill people.


While I agree reckless can be unclear (I’ll confess to driving 80mph (130kph) for sustained periods of time today, but I’ll justify that by saying that I passed few cars more than passed me), the actions Silver Fire described sound pretty clear-cut to me. Forcing people off the road – reckless? I’d say yes.

If you’re driving drunk, then you don’t have control of the vehicle. That’s what drunk means.* And the legal limit is pretty clear, too. I don’t see any room for confusion. As for the statement that it’s possible to drink and drive responsibly … whoa. I’d be careful with that – you might be able to, and other people might be able to, but it’s a fine line.
*I’d post a link to the definition, but doesn’t (seem to) allow for that…

Nicklz, I’ll admit that I’ve driven when I shouldn’t, but I at least know and acknowledge that I am being irresponsible in doing so. There is no two ways about it. If you are impaired, you are impaired and that’s that.

Nicklz, if you were drunk, you did not have control of the car (or yourself, for that matter).

You were lucky.

I will never again make the horrible decision to get into a car with someone who’s been drinking (or smoking dope, or shooting, or snorting, or whatever) whether it’s one beer (toot, hit, etc.) or 20. Been there, done that, learned the hard way. But I’m still alive, so I guess I’m lucky too.

Speeding isn’t necessarily reckless. Everyone speeds. I remember when I-35 had a posted speed of 65 and everyone went 70. Now it’s posted at 70 and everyone goes 75.


But, like Stephen said, damn near killing half a dozen people (thank the gods for quick reflexes!) is pretty clear-cut recklessness.

Way to go all of you who call in these people. What a great thing to do. You all have likely saved many lives.

Well, even if you don’t go to court, you know that guy was pretty shaken up, even if he didn’t show it, the cops showing up at his house and everything.

At the very least, he lost his stash when he flushed it down the toilet when the cops showed up.