Do you have a dead tree copy of Nicholas Nickleby? Do me a favor?

Could you look at Chapter 5 “Nicholas Starts for Yorkshire…” and tell me how the third paragraph begins? Is it “The poor lady nearly choked himself…” or “The poor lad…”? My Kindle edition and two other editions I Googled all say lady, but that doesn’t make any sense. Somebody goofed and everybody else copied the goof.

Well here it is from project Gutenberg:

Penguin Classics edition has lad.

Ha-HA! Thanks! :cool:

Gutenberg saves the day, again.

Sometimes Gutenberg is wrong, though.

But *lad *makes sense; his mom and sister faked eating to offset the expense of the meal.

My complete Dickens (P F Collier & Sons) has “lad” … but it’s in the middle of the 2nd paragraph, not the 3rd paragraph.