Do you have a Diner's Club card?

If so, do you use it and why?

Upon reading Gfactor’s column about signing credit cards, I realized that I had forgotten that Diner’s Club even existed.

So, if you have one and use it, I’d be interested in knowing why. I’d hate to be missing out on something.

I’ve always wanted a Player’s Club card myself. Who loves ya, baby?

Not only do I not have one, I’ve never known anyone who has one. I see the little “We Accept” signs posted in restaurants, so there must be someone out there, but nobody I know.

Could a mod fix my link in the OP? Apparently part of it got truncated.

I wanted to get one a while back as a joke. As I recall, the fee was pretty high, out of my joke budget at least.

I got a preapproved app. for one once but didn’t see any point in getting one. I don’t dine out that much.


I worked for a company where a good number of us travelled regularly for business. The Operations guy was always paranoid about the employees exploiting the company credit cards for “frivolous” things. So he decided to get us all Diner’s Club cards because they were pretty much limited to hotels and restaurants (you couldn’t go down to Best Buy and purchase a TV with it).
The ultimate irony was in attempting to use the card for meals at MANY restaurants - they would not accept them. So you couldn’t purchase food with your “diner’s” club card ! I can remember waiters giving me the “is this some kind of joke ?” look when they would pick up the card.

That’s exactly what I was going for! I wish I worked there. Diner’s Club just seems like something Mr. Burns would have.

Add me to the list of folks that used a Diners club, but wouldn’t carry one now, if it wasn’t a company issued/backed card.

I used it for travel (airline/car rental), hotels, and some meals. It had a generous “grace period” (60 days before late payments, from time of purchase, were charged), and as I was on 100% travel, I didn’t want to tie up my personal card’s credit availability.

They did also screw me on the rewards points I had accumulated when I closed the account (actually, my employer closed it), by saying I had 90 days to use them, but canceled them immediately.

It was sometimes, however, hard to use in non-business-travel focused restaurants/areas. Somewhat on par with how the Discover card was in the 80s-90s.

My last job had one for me, then it became a Mastercard/Diner’s club card.

Now that I’m gone I don’t have one.

Who here has a Cate Blanche or JCB card?

I thought JCB was Japan Credit Bureau, and was mainstream on that side of the Big Pond?