Do you have a favorite All Music Review website?

I’ve been referring to All Music Guide for a while now. I’d like to find a site that has reviews that reflect more of what I think good music sounds like. For most people, that’s probably not something that can be defined too easily.

So any submissions you might have would be appreciated. Anyone who knows a fantastic site to follow electronic music will be considered, by me, the RULER OF ALL for…ah, how about until it seems just too absurd.


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Seemed like an opinion topic at first, but I suppose it should be in Cafe Society…oops wrong forum. sorry moderators.

I love AMG. Certainly one of the msot useful resources on the Net.

It’s always seemed to me that most reviews are written by someone who appreciates the genre…what, precisely, is your grievance? :slight_smile:

Aside from the mis-informed song titles, not much. Sometimes songs are spelled wrong too.

Mmm, yes, you’re right, I’ve noticed that too.

Actually, I think that the misspellings are not a fault of AMG themselves, but rather misspellings by other sources that are included to lead someone to the correct title and/or to show a record of the mistaken liner notes, etc. for completeness’ sake. I haven’t seen a misspelled title that wasn’t accompanied by the correct spelling of such.

Anyone remember CDNOW’s old format, before they were taken over by Amazon? IMHO, AMG was second to CDNOW, as it combined reviews, information, etc. as well as a sample of the songs in question. It was one of the great research sites out there (which perhaps added to its demise?).

You could try the ultra-snobby Pitchfork Media. PFM pisses me off sometimes, but I still keep going back.

Also, gives you a link to various reviews of a nominated album, similar to the film review site

I’ll second Pitchfork, but it’s pretty niche market. They do cover electronic music reasonably well (though not mainstream electronica), so you ay get something out of them.

I find AMG is good as reference, but their reviews are useless. They’re too often excessively positive: pull up an average band and you’ll see their discography with each album recieving four or four and a half stars.