Do you have a personal assistant? Live-in help?

The sum total of my experience employing people is occasional teenage babysitters and random guys to clean my gutters.

However in my occasional fantasies of being rich and famous I imagine having a little help with things.

Tell me about your employee. How did you decide you needed them? How did you find the person? What duties do they perform for you? What are their hours? Do you have to pay social security, etc? If a live-in employee, was it difficult having somebody else live in your house?

I once worked as a Curator of a small town Alberta Museum. We built that volunteer run museum up to a facility that now has Canadian Musum status (not a small feat). I hired, under a federal grant a person who started out as a “general assitant”, but soon became a major force in the improvement of the museum. She could do anything! She typed faster than I could speak, spoke “fundese” on grant applications, and Organised the filing system perfectly. We found grant after grant for her, both to keep her on and to send her for courses in museum science/operations.

In a sense, she was my “personal Assistant”… she could fill in (seamlessly) the hol;es in my skills, and make me (the “Curator” after all) seem like God’s own voice.

She handled public relations, collections managment and fund raising with an easy skill.

She could take an Unscheduled “walk in” bus tour of 60 Japanese senoirs, and give them an excellent, personal tour.

She would call me when I was late, and say… “Get out of bed, I got the coffee on here!”

She grew up in a Native reservation, was raped when she was 9, by a family member, got to grade 5, and had 4 of her toes on her left foot frozen off when she was dumped by a bunch of red neck assholes in a blizzard when she was 16 (because she only wanted a ride home from town - they wanted more but she fought too hard)

I got to know these things after I had employed her for 3 yrs

She is no longer an assistant to a sillyass white bred curator… She has a Masters in Native Culture, and is an Elder in her tribe.

Some day, in some small way, I hope to assist her…(If such an honour could be mine)