Do you have a SDMB related web page?

I’m updating the Teeming Millions Homepage

I already have a link to the People Pages and to the Map… but I’d like to have a more complete set of links. Sort of a central location or hub to get to all of the other stuff.

So, if you have a dope related page, post it here!

(also, any of you who have dope fest pic pages up, would you mind if I also added the pages to the TM Photo-Rama? Email me a zip of the pictures or give me permission here and I’ll grab them from your site. (Anyone else who has pictures that they want to share with the rest of the group, you can put yours in the photo rama as well, just email me)

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I don’t have an SDMB page, per se, but I do link to it quite extensively, so if you want to, you can link to this page. I’ve got a link to the SDMB on other pages, as well, but I’d just as soon not have those linked to just yet.



You can use any of the “group” photos (umm, the bed shot or the bathtub shot at the Vegas Dopefest 2000) for a Dopefest “PhotoRama” thingy.
I have a couple of other group shots, I just haven’t put them up there…damn talk about procrastination!

This site is basically pictures from the February 26th, 2000 LA Dopefest at Gladstones in Universal.

The worlds smallest dopefest. But the only one (to date) with a Giant Inflatable Penis™

Alex B and I have our DopeToberFest pictures here.

What city and year was the DopetoberFest in?

Rock Island, IL

Las Vegas

Los Angeles

There are the other three :slight_smile:

FYI: When I clicked on that link my browser froze up (Netscape 6.1). It seems like it was because one of the advertising banners.

Beg pardon. Dopetoberfest was October 19th - 21st October 2001 in Redondo Beach, LA. It was organised by Shayna and there were upwards of 50 dopers there.

Three Dopefest pic pages on my site: - Studio City, February 24th, 2001. - Redondo Beach, April 25th, 2001 - Dopetoberfest, same place/date that Francesca mentioned.

FWIW, none of these links work for me.

Hmm… Let me try again

Rock Island

Los Angeles

Las Vegas

Assuming those work, I’d like to add that the photo-rama galleries allow anyone to post comments on any image, so if you were there, spill!

Nope, still getting this message I’m afraid:

Doh. Well you can just go to

then click on Parties & Gatherings and they’re right there.
Stupid links. :stuck_out_tongue:

The links are coded wrong. There shouldn’t be a gap between the ‘2’ and the ‘0’ (’%20’ is the character code for a space, I think).


/Parties and Gatherings/2000-0226%20-%20Los Angeles

There were %20’s in there when I pasted them in. I guess vB ate them, and that is why the links aren’t working.

RenDopeFest Pictures

Hi, Opal!

Got THAT outta the way . . . Say, hon, I just got some new photos taken, is there any way I could mail 'em to you to replace the one you have of me on the People Pages? I blush to think people still see me as the starry-eyed ingenue I was in that photo, they really should be aware of the Bea Arthur-esque dowager I have become . . .

Can I E-mail you so I can get an address to mail laser copies to?