Do you have a valid passport?

Very simple poll coming: do you have at least one valid passport? I think the SDMB is more likely to travel than the average non-doper. Also, it’s a subtle hint to check the expiration, that can sneak up on you and be a mess if you have to do it in a rush.

I’m American and I’m looking at my valid passport with my ugly picture right now at DCA.

You bet. Plus a Nexus card for quick US/Canada border crossings and TSA pre-clearance.

With a son and grands living in the US plus frequent trips to Vegas (and other places in the US) we’ve had passports for many years. Wouldn’t be without it. The only deterrent is the killer exchange rates.

I have one, only used it once. I know the last time I glanced at the date I still had time to renew it. But since they changed the fees a while back so a new one or a renewal costs the same, I’m not sure if I should let it lapse since I’m not leaving the country any time soon. The only thing I’d really save by renewing instead of waiting until I actually need it again is some time and paperwork.

I travel internationally for work, but even before that I’ve had a valid passport since just after college. I’ve got my appointment for my Global Entry interview coming up soon.

From where? Canada? It’s been great for the US dollar vs the Euro and GBP lately.

I’ve used mine more in the last 8 years than all my life up till 2012. We like to cruise, and it’s a necessity. Mine is good till Aug '21.

Renew it. It’s a form of ID. What if you lose your drivers license one day before a domestic flight?

Expired in April 2019. Will have to get it renewed or get a new one (whichever is applicable) before November 2020, as Mom is taking the family on a Caribbean cruise.

Mine is valid but I’m doubting I’ll be able to use it any time soon.

No. I had one but it expired. I’m not likely to be in a situation where I need to immediately travel outside our borders so it’s not a priority to get it renewed. Hell, I don’t even fly domestically very often.

Yes. Used it two weeks ago to travel to the US, and today to travel to Namibia.

Your poll is broken, because I have two.

Yes, we travel internationally a couple of times a year, either business or pleasure.

On a side note, we live in California and consequently have to get the new REAL ID compliant drivers license for air travel within the US. Pain in the butt - have to deal with DMV.

Likewise. Both valid.

Used it this last summer to visit the Canadian maritime provinces and France - the island of Saint Miquelon, just west of Newfoundland. Hey, I got some cool stamps in it, for entering and leaving France, and for returning to Canada from France. (US citizens don’t usually get stamps for entering or leaving Canada.)

Er, make that the island of Saint Pierre. Miquelon is another small island nearby, but I didn’t got there. :smack:

I’ve got a passport and two other forms of ID (national ID card and driver’s license) which are valid for travel to multiple countries (Schengen mainly).

Sigh. Neither Saint Pierre nor Miquelon are west of Newfoundland. They’re west of the peninsula of Newfoundland that reaches furthest south, if that makes any sense.

Keep in mind that you may be in a situation requiring immediate out of country travel, a friend or relative getting sick or in legal trouble abroad.