Do you have any interesting phobias?

I was just thinking about this the other day, and I decided to post because my boss just invoked one of them. It is:

(1) I have a phobia of my boss coming to my desk and asking to talk to me privately. I always get halfway panicked and imagine they’re going to accuse me of embezzlement or wasting time on web BBSs during my work day or something ridiculous like that.

The others:

(2) I have a phobia of falling off the planet. This is only invoked when I am flat on my back and can see only sky. For some reason, a lack of horizon and tall buildings utterly destroys my faith in gravity. Once a friend and I were out in the middle of the night watching the annual meteor shower, and I told him I was starting to get worried. He practised “immersion therapy” which basically consisted of trying to pluck me off the planet and throw me into space. My hair almost turned white.

(3) Cops. I’ve never even been cuffed and beaten senseless by cops, or even yelled at by a cop, but I’m still pretty scared of them. No good reason for this. Just don’t expect me to drive a single mile over the speed limit when there is a cop following me.

(4) Marijuana use. I’ve been at a few parties where people lit up, and I’ve been pretty freaked. I mean, how do I know there isn’t a narc around waiting to arrest us all and feed us to the prison system? Just the stink gets me all queezy. It’s lucky I can get out of a party pretty fast.

Maybe I just have an overall fear of authority. Also, centipedes really scare me. Think of all the miniature hob-nailed boots one of those could wear!

No joke. I’m afraid of dancing. Can’t do it. Afraid I’ll look like an idiot? I don’t really know. Stage fright maybe?

I am absolutely terrified of creatures that live in the water. I’m not talking about otters and beavers and things like that, but water snakes, alligators, and almost every kind of fish scares the hell out of me. I will not swim in lakes, rivers, the ocean, no place where there are “things.” I find it especailly horrifying when people swim in murky waters, or when people swim at night. I am not sure why I am so afraid of sea creatures. I got stung by a jelly fish once but it was no big deal. Whatever caused me to have this fear, though, it runs very deep.

I cannot believe I am going to post this, but here goes:

Hi, my name is Cristi, and I hate butterflies. Yes, butterflies.

Okay, now that you’ve had time to stop laughing, please allow me to explain. When I was about 3 years old, I was having nightmares about butterflies. My mom & dad could not figure out why. Then one night, my mom was walking past my bedroom, and she saw my curtains fluttering in the window. They had an abstract geometric pattern on them, but with the wind fluttering them, and the streetlight shining on them, my 3-year-old brain saw that pattern as hordes of butterflies coming in my window. The next morning, my mom yanked those babies down, and put up a swiss dot pattern. The nightmares stopped immediately.

Unless there’s some killer butterfly that I am not aware of, I know that butterflies are harmless. But something was damaged in my psyche all those years ago, and I simply don’t like butterflies. It’s not a phobia in the truest sense–I don’t panic, or scream, or anything like that. I just hope that whatever butterfly happens to be near me goes away really, really soon. It isn’t going to happen, though…my daughter is absolutely crazy for butterflies.

I’m normally a very sane and practical person, but I am incapable of stepping into my basement with the lights off. When I was a kid, I was convinced that a horrible monster was going to get me and eat me. Now, as an adult, I find myself thinking about whether there’s a serial killer or a rapist or something hiding in my basement, just waiting to kill me. I know it’s totally, completely irrational, but when I force myself to go down there with the lights off, I get freaked out and usually end up running back up the stairs, looking over my shoulder the whole time to make sure nothing is following me. Weird, eh?

I’m not psycho or anything, but I’ve read that Stephen King book “It” and I’ve been weird about dark basements ever since.


  1. Bugs, slugs, snails, spiders, worms, caterpillars, larvae, maggots, moths, fleas, any kind of creepy crawly. I hate they way they flutter, and/or writhe, and/or jump. I hate the feel of their bizarre skin or exoskeleton or whatever. I hate their queer little faces. And I hate the fact that they are so easy to squish, and so full of goo. Some are just full of goo, other’s actually leave a trail of it behind them. I hate the goo, I fear getting it on me, I fear getting creepy crawlies on me. Sometimes I have phantom creepy crawly feelings where I’m just sure something is moving across my arm or up my leg. < shudder > How horrifying.

  2. Slime. We grew up with a creek running through our back yard, and in it was our favorite swimming hole. But my sister and I always swam with sneakers on, because we didn’t want to feel the slimy rocks and snails beneath our feet. Some parts of the creek had smooth flat rocks that I wouldn’t even step on because the green slime was so thick; it wasn’t just a fear of slipping (though I desperately didn’t want to fall into the slime), but somehow a fear that the slime would “get me,” even through shoes. See also: fear of goo in creepy crawlies above.

“I hope life isn’t a big joke, because I don’t get it,” Jack Handy

I have a phobia of eating vegetables.

I found out it was a phobia about ten years or less ago when I saw an ad mentioning odd things like ‘fear of eating vegetables’ and ‘fear of frogs’ and stuff. And it gave names too.

Lachanophobia. That’s what I’ve got.

I cannot eat vegetables at all - my throat closes up and I want to vomit if I have veges in my mouth. Unless it’s very well mixed in with better tasting stuff, though if my brain or tongue detects a vegetable, then duck.

It also extends to fruit, for me. But then, I’m a weirdo.

I also have phobias (in order of severity) of: water; spiders; heights; dogs.

Being confined, be it to many people to move freely, or physicaly just a very small space. You don’t see me in a mall or department store November or December. Being on or over water that I can’t stand up in. I swim, but I still think of the boat sinking or the car going off the bridge.

Oh yeah, I don’t like driving over bridges, either. That is almost a real phobia with me. I can do it, but I white-knuckle it all the way. If I’m riding in a car & not driving, I close my eyes, and do Lamaze breathing (it is good for something). If I’m driving, I just close my eyes. :wink:

J String: you are a HERO! I thought I was the only person on the face of this planet who was phobic about dancing. I love watching other people dance, but if there’s a threat I’d be called upon to do it…panic city. Stomach gets icy, palms sweat, heart pounds…neurotic, huh?

And spiders. I can tolerate scorpions, manage roaches and other bugs, love snakes (yes, even playing w/ them; they’re magnificent animals!), love mice, rats, bats…I’m trying to salvage some dignity and establish that I’m not a simpering wimp.

But even a photograph of a spider locks up my throat. Someone put pictures of tarantulas on two threads on the GQ (Sit on me! and Eat me!). They were clever and apt and every time they scrolled up the hair stood up on my neck and a shudder down my spine. I am purely terrified of them, and knowing it’s irrational doesn’t help.
sigh The Wimp

I’m afraid of phones. More specifically, if I have to phone someone. It’s okay if they call me, but I have a near anxiety attack whenever I have to phone someone.

I’m afraid of kangaroos, too. I’m sure why. I’ve never met one, never been attacked by one, and I’ve only seen them on TV and in pictures, but something about them frightens me.

And probably my biggest one, needles. Especially when they take blood. I just can’t handle it. I’ve even been known to panic and hyperventilate in the waiting room. I just found out today that I’m going to have to have some bloodwork done, and maybe a biopsy in the rather distant future, and I was instantly filled with terror and dread. I broke out into a cold sweat and started gasping for air, but it’ll be a few months before I have to get anything done.


Oops, that should read “I’m not sure why.” in my kangaroo paragraph.

I have experienced something similar to your “falling off the planet” phobia, but it occurs whenever I’m on any type of steep incline, like a hill. I imagine it has something to do with my inner ear. My center of gravity gets messed up and I visualize myself tumbling down the side of the earth into space, then the amygdala kicks in. Kind of freaky, it is. Only tends to happen; however, if I’ve been hitting the caffeine a bit too much.

Kitchen knives, scissors, razors. Which isn’t odd in and of itself, but I’m fine with swords and such. ::Shrug::

Most bugs. Dragonflies and some Butterflies being the only real exceptions. And with spiders - the smaller, the scarier. And the more legs on other things, the scarier.

Close spaces. Unless I can extend my arms all the way, I panic.

Heights. Espescially those stupid riserless stairs. ::Wimper::

Certain breeds of dog. (Espescially Huskies.)

‘They couldn’t hit an Elephant from this dist…!’

Last words of General John Sedgwick

Do stay away from kangaroos, as your fears are… well, maybe not justified, but certainly understandable. Apart from their obvious strength, they tend to be very friendly in zoos and parks, they come straight up to you - and they are big, with each step they make a huuuuge stride so they’re right in front of you in seconds.

Though I don’t have a phobia of them, I am a bit wary. (Why the hell did I move to Australia then??? Spiders galore, including the deadliest one in the world, inects the size of frickin dogs!! I saw a dragonfly yesterday that was as big as a helicopter! Argh!)

Same with cows. And bulls scare me shitless, frankly.

Any type of flying, stinging insect. My parent’s place was loaded with brown mud-dauber wasps, and when I was about sixteen or so, I had one drop down the back of my shirt and nail me 21 times before I got my shirt off. Big red welts all over my back…ever since that time, if you want to see me spazz in a big hurry, have one of the little bastards come buzzing around my head. I come completely unglued. Especially the big, nasty, aggressive hornet types that fly with the legs hanging down…YEEEAAAUUUGGGHHHH!!! If I’m driving down the road and one gets into the car, I pull over and I do not rest until the little c%#@sucker is dead. The same applies if one flies into the room where I am. GAWD, I hate 'em!

Snakes, gross little sea creatures, spiders, bees & wasps, other creep-crawlies. . . these are things that I can stand. I don’t like them, but I can deal. I’ve held and played with snakes and spiders and lizards of all types, and swam in some pretty gross water.
Guess what I’m afraid of? My own wrists. Or rather, I’m terrified that any harm should come to them. I cannot stand to have people touch them, or to rest my arm in a way so that my wrists lie exposed. Carl (the goth vampire-lover type) once tried to bite the inside of my wrist as a sort of affectionate thing. I’m pretty sure I hit him, hard. Anything that even gives me the idea of metal puncturing flesh drives me postively insane. When confronted with needles (especially the kind that go into the underside of your arm) I scream and bawl and slip out of the room when the doctor isn’t looking. I start to feel dizzy when friends disscuss things like “the proper way to slit your wrists” – an unfortunately common topic of conversation among teenagers – or jokingly draw a dull knife across their wrists. When writing, I have to make absolutely sure that my wrist never touches the edge of the paper (paper cuts!), and when I wear long sleeves, the sleeve must come to the middle of my palm and “protect” my wrists.
Sometimes this fear extends to other areas of my body where there are (or I think there are ) vulnerable blood vessels, esp. my ankles and my temples. When I am walking down a hallway with columns that extend from the wall, I become certain that I am going to hit my head on one and die; I often have to walk in the dead center of the hall to avoid this.
So where did my fear come from? Ii all started when I saw a tv program where a man slit his own wrists (ooh, it actually hurts just to write that!). Okay, now I can’t look at the scren cause i keep seeing that sentence and I don’t like it.

I’m terrified of frogs. Kermit the frog doesn’t bother me, but the real thing, be it live, dead, in a museum, on film, on paper, etc. scares me. I can’t look at them. I think it’s because they look so unnatural, with the wide-spread eyes. Ick.

I’m also afraid, to a lesser degree, of heights. I get very dizzy looking down out of windows in tall buildings, and try to stay in the middle lanes of bridges, lest a strong wind comes and blows my car off it.

Cess, I am that way about my wrists too!

Cess, Michelle, I’m that way about my wrists too, only more irrational. Heh. I was gonna add it, but didn’t, for some reason. Long sleeves have to come down over the hands. (This is to protect my wrists from the sleeve itself!!!) Watch must be loose enough to rest on my hand, rather than my wrist, etc…

And let’s not start on needles, please…

‘They couldn’t hit an Elephant from this dist…!’

Last words of General John Sedgwick