Do you have "delicate sensibilities"? (Word use)

I am a free and easy, natural and real kind of person. I can and do talk about pretty much anything with my friends and family, including bodily functions. The topic itself is fine, it’s normal, I’m not squeamish about it.

However, I ** am ** extremely squeamish about the language employed to do so. I am reminded of this by some thread I was just skimming regarding bathroom habits, and someone was reporting that they take “2 ** craps ** a day”. And that just gives me the yucks. “I’m taking a shit” “I just took a crap” “Taking a dump” and good Christ: “I pinched a loaf”. I shudder and recoil when I read or hear people speak of their bowel movements in this way. It just makes it so much nastier than is necessary. I even have a problem with “poop” and “pooping”. I’m fine with “going to the bathroom” “having a bowel movement” and “stool”, though it isn’t a favorite, its the preferred term with doctors.

Anyone with me on this? Okay with the topic, fussy about the language?

Can’t say I’m bothered by this.

Search my previous posts and you’ll get definitive proof of that, I’m afraid!

Although calling it a BM or talking about your STOOL seems rather clinical. It sounds like a doctor’s office or something.

well… no to be quite honest…

life would be rather dull without such phrases…

drop a duece is probably my favorite…

Drop a deuce is ok, it doesn’t call forth such a vivid image.

I’m with you, Stoid. Occasional coarse language (which, like in your example, does not necessarily involve profanity) is okay, but I don’t like to listen to it used liberally.

Bathroom references really bother me too, unless used as an exclamation when one has stubbed their toe.

Don’t mind me, I’m just gonna stand here and wait for Lieu to show up.


Although I work with the stuff every day, stool that is (I work in a lab) I’d prefer not to refer to it quite that way. I will say crap when expressing strong emotion but that’s about it.
Not that I object to discussions about such things mind you. I just would rather use more delicate terms. I’ve always been this way and am moreso now that I work with Captain Crude.

I love both talking about bathroom festivities to whoever will listen (within reason). I also enjoy using really gross terminology. “Pinch a loaf” is one of my personal favorites.

I also love describing the thickness, length, and whether or not the turd in question ended up resting above or below the surface of the water. It all seriously cracks me up, always has. Oddly enough, it didn’t when I was a kid, but I have come to find it all hilarious as an adult.

I do have a few friends who concur that this is highly amusing and cackle with me. So no, neither subject matter nor crudeness bugs me.

(Needless to say, I laughed so hard at the last Austin Powers movie that I nearly cra— er, soiled myself.)

(bolding mine)
I see stuff periodically that’s gross just to be gross and I agree, that’s not funny. However, some of the threads that are obviously dedicated to the subject have creative input from dopers that’s downright hilarious. If you’re intent on, as you say skimming threads regarding bathroom habits AND that just gives you the yucks, then might I suggest that your nausea is self-inflicted and easily avoidable.

P.S. I’d write more but I’ve got to go launch a sea pickle.

HA! Sea Pickle!!!

I don’t know if “delicate sensibilities” is the right term, but I am amazed that an otherwise mentally stimulating group of people can be so enamored of bodily functions.


Winston, give jarbaby credit for that one. That woman is funny.

It doesn’t bother me at all. They’re just words.

Sometimes topics like that are funny, sometimes they’re played out. Some people don’t mind, some do. Either way is fine. We’re all different. It just seems that almost anyone can find something to be offended by if they look hard enough.

It’s one thing if you’re going to get on TV and say all kinds of things about a person, true or not. However, if someone is posting in a thread, or talking down the hall, or on the radio or whatever, who cares? Don’t read/listen. There’s some Pit thread going on about the “Ask the (whatever)” topics, and one person basically stated that, hey, don’t read 'em. Exactly.

If someone is offended by a thread dealing with “bodily functions”, don’t read it. I’ve seen plenty of graphic threads dealing with menstruation, for example. Just because it’s done in a clinical way doesn’t mean that some people might not be offended, grossed out, whatever. I’ve read parts of them, out of interest, and usually wind up closing the window. End of problem. True, they often have some sort of “TMI” warning, but when a thread has, say, “doody” or “spooge” in the title, isn’t that warning enough?

Personally, there are plenty of religious-based and political threads (cough Stoid;)), or statements outside of the SDMB, that make me roll my eyes. So I just ignore them. It’s not like I have to live with these people. Big whoop.

Like someone once said (and I just can’t think of the name right now): “I may not agree with what you say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” Or something like that.

*Sea Pickle/i] Credited to jarbaby’s account.


Jeez, skelji, I wasn’t giving anybody ** shit ** about it, I was just wondering if I’m alone or if I have company.

My group went to Fogo de Chao for lunch today, which specializes in huge portions of meat, all you can eat. I had their Mammals Of North America platter.

Sometime this afternoon I’m really going to have to go. When I do, the leviathan I send packing will likely resemble a party item from the display case of a large bakery.

However, this being the holiday season, I promise Stoid that you’ll not read hide nor hair about it here.

Merry Christmas.

As a L&D RN, I major in gross but my sensibilities are delicate—I hate hearing a BM referred to indelicately, as well as the passing of gas or the clearing of one’s nasal passages referred to crudely.

Please…could you say “feces” instead? :smiley:

Hey, I’m sorry if it came off like a rant (yes, I get wordy sometimes), and it wasn’t really directed at you. You raised an issue that made me think, “Ya know, there are posters here who are really overly sensitive.”

I’m also getting a heavy dose of it IRL right now, so the timing was right for me to react a bit much. Between waffling family members, and having to hear political rants from the ultra-conservatives at work, I’m worn out. Consider it venting to the populace, that’s all.

I like “poot”, sounds friendly to me.