Do you have mini-obsessions?

No, I’m not referring to the car necessarily.

I’ve had more than a few: music, tv shows, movies, collectibles, etc. I’ll find something new I like and become obsessed with it. I oversaturate myself with said thing until I’ve had my fill.

It’s been a while since I’ve had one. They can get expensive.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show. In fact I’m watching Cold Case tonight for the first time ever because RHPS is part of the plotline. Plus Barry “Asshole” Bostwick is on the show.

Nope, the fact that Charmed now sucks rabid donkey snot has nothing to do with my watching a different show. Nope.

Seriously though, I have a mini-obsession every summer. One year I read all of the Sherlock Holmes stories. One year it was Bradbury and Asimov. Then it was Batman comics.

The Straight Dope Message Board. No. Wait. That’s a major obsession! :smiley:

Currently, knitting. And I’ll probably continue until my fingers start to ache and I’ll remember why I stopped last time. I hope I get this garment finished first, though.

Then I might give the tapestry another bash. It’s not so hard on the arthritis, although more difficult to see.

I sometimes have cleaning obsessions but I try to ignore those. They go away in the end, I find.

Currently, gardening. I’ve been wanting to for years but circumstances have kept me from doing it. But now I have 20 plus different kinds of flowers growing, plus nine kinds of herbs and five different kinds of tomatoes. So I am reaping the rewards right now. Actually, I’m so obsessive that I must list them all, right now.

Sunscape Daisys
2 kinds of Stock
2 kinds of Delphiniums
California Poppys
Wildflower Mix
Morning Glory
2 kinds of Geraniums
Peruvian Verbena
Potato Bush

2 kinds of Strawberries

First Lady
Early Girl
Better Boy
Big Beef
Sweet 100

Italian Parsley

I must say: that kicks major ass.

I have serial obsessions. They can be quite consuming, but I always eventually come out of the obsessive-about-it phase and level off. When I become obsessed, I learn everything I possibly can about my obsession, so in the end I come out of that phase with some knowledge, at least.

Think “Monk”.
Thats me.

Well, I got a major obsession that just cost me $174.00 plus shipping (American dollars. That means something in Canada) for a book. That’s right, I said a book.
I’ve also got a mini-major obsession that is, well that is to say, kinda perverted.
But right now my mini-obsession is tha same one I have at around spring time every year. Books.
I buy books. Tons of books. I’ve got my “beside the couch” pile that right now is at over a dozen books including “The Davinci Code” (Yeah, yeah. I know. I’ve heard it before but I’m still gonna read the damn thing). as well as the one before “The Davinci Code”.
Also included is “Wicked”, “Crisis on Infinate Earths” (The novelizeation of the famed comic series) and the latest Pratchett “Diskworld” novel.
Also included are the “Official” biogrophy of Douglas Adams. Earlier this year I had read the “Unauthorised” biogrophy and the book “Don’t Panic” which might as well be a biogrophy. I’ve been a little obsessed.
It’s not as fun as the “Perverted” one, but I still enjoy it.

Oh, this is me too! Sadly, it’s usually some TV show or movie or whatever for me, so I don’t even get useful knowledge out of it (unless I want to look like an obsessed geek, I rule at that). I’ll end up reading novelizations and fanfic and thinking about it constantly until the next one hits. Usually lasts a couple months, tops.

No no no… you’re going about this all wrong, you see. Take your TV shows, for instance. I have no idea what shows you like, but for an example we’ll use Buffy The Vampire Slayer, because I have at least some idea what the heck that one was about.

Now: first you find out everything you can about the backstory of the show. Then you start researching general vampire lore, which of course leads you to eventually reading Anne Rice, which eventually leads you to do a little side research on where brewing beer REALLY got started, because there’s no way Rice got it right in Queen of the Damned, which then leads you to thinking about a trip to Ireland to see the Guinness brewery which then leads you to do a little research on Irish history in general, which then inspires you to buy some weird obscure CD of Irish folk songs, and on that CD is a song called “Come Out Ye Black and Tans” which makes no sense the first time you hear it so you get online and Google “Black and Tan” and you see something about the Easter Rising and the next thing you know, you’re collecting Waterford crystal.


I’m awed. And a little scared, but hell, I have a larger-than-life cardboard cutout of Buffy.

Tapestry? That sounds really cool. Any instruction websites you would suggest? Books? My current thing is the colonial lap loom (You wind the yarn around pegs, then use a hook to pull loops over eachother). However, doing that for too long hurts my wrists, so I’m interested in finding a new project.

I’m obsessed with fighting ignorance I receive from e-mail, such as urban-legend-style glurge.

I’ve got pretty much the same MO, minus the crystal and Anne Rice. I suppose I could explain how I went from a mini-obsession with The Pogues to a mini-obsession with learning Japanese, but it’s long and complicated and doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

I think in my case it’s partly to do with a desire to see connections where they don’t really exist (Pogues and Pizzicato Five both start with “P”), and an attention span short enough that I get bored quickly and never finish what

I’m a geek. I have fandoms. Star Trek, Invader Zim, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, House, etc (in no particular order). Some I’m more into, some less. But the ones I’m more into, especially Star Trek, have become so familiar for me they don’t even feel like obsessions anymore. It’s just what I do.

I’m sure there are lots of helpful websites but I’ve never looked for any. I’m not particularly creative so I just buy the tapestry kits and petit point them until they’re finished. I’ve never heard of colonial lap loom and I’m having difficulty picturing what the finished product looks like.

My next obsession should be getting them all framed.

I have to keep my clipboard at work up-to-the-minute current. I use a 3 color highlighter and a 4 color pen to differentiate patient status such as assessment time and discharge. I have my own customized report sheet that** Drachillix** made to my specifications in CorelDraw.

Maybe I’m a bit anal?

And do you find, when you are in the midst of an obsession, that it kind of hurts to be so involved and not yet being at the saturated phase? And you don’t like it, and want to be free.

Then, when the obsession has calmed down, and you are saturated and happy and maybe becoming not obsessed, you kind of miss the involvement of that obsessive feeling?

This is me to a tee. I get so obsessed, and then lose all interest. Some recent examples:

Bonsais: I bought every book I could find. Bought plants, bought pots, bought wire. I trimmed, and pruned and… lost interest. Dead plants everywhere.

Sewing: Bought the machine, bought the fabric, bought patterns. Bought books galore. Made a dress, never used the machine again.

Fimo: Bought pasta machines and rollers and brayers and slicers and clay, and books, and magazines… Made a miniature loaf of French bread, never touched it again.

And now it’s photography… We’ll see…

And it drives me absolutely batty. I get interested in something with such an all-consuming (and usually expensive) passion, and as soon as I “figure it out”, I lose interest almost immediately. Then I have hundreds of dollars of “Hobby Du Jour” supplies lying around, and a half-hearted vow to pick it up again one day.

TellMeI’mNotCrazy, you sound like my husband. Swimming, tennis, caligraphy, Greek and Latin, small container gardening—lots of stuff lying around and not much getting used.

I used to start and never finish loads of crafts until I finally recognized the trait in myself and switched to cooking. You can get as fancy as you want and the results are not going to be hanging around the house taunting you all the time.