Do You Have Much Older Relatives that You View as Peers?

I am 36 years old and I have two living grandparents. My father’s mother is 85. She is incredibly wealthy due to inheritance to natural gas strikes but she is also quite the pot-head and quite the drinker. She enjoys discussing anything and everything with me even though I live 1700 miles away. She is starting to become barely senile but not much. It is almost no holds barred on any conversation with her no matter what the subject.

My mother’s father is 86 and could easily be mistaken for an 50 year old on the phone if he didn’t make some archaic references sometimes. He still travels the world (especially to casinos in Las Vegas) many times a year and still runs his own real estate brokerage company. I think I could beat him at a trivial pursuit type game but not by much. We go head to head over the phone trying to make obscure references to see if the other one gets them and it almost always works. He tells me the some of the filthiest things possible and he would make a great Doper.

I talk to them both at least twice a week and they are much more relevant to me than people my age that I know in Massachusetts.

Does anyone else have very old relatives that are still mental contemporaries?


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