Do you have multiple phone numbers?

I have both a carrier number and Google Voice number. GV stays with me no matter which carrier I choose, and it allows me to do things on any device(s), that I couldn’t do with my carrier number.

I use Hangouts (and Hangouts Dialer) as the front-end for GV, and that pulls from my normal Contacts (the application itself, so it’s pretty organized). I don’t have the actual GV app installed on my device.

There’s a way to make “hands-free” calls with your GV number, but it’s a bit clunky, IMO. You have to go into GV settings: Calls > Phone number of outgoing calls > select “yes”. I just tested and it works using my currently installed Hangouts Dialer, but you still have to touch to place the call.

It’s weird, because you can do full hands-free calls with Google Home, which uses the same services. There’s no good reason why they can’t have a good option with GV, directly.:smack:

Yes, I get this occasionally too. (I’m in the UK.)

I have 2 phones (numbers) one for business another for friends and family.