Do you have multiple phone numbers?

If you do, why? And what service do you use?

I’ve been trying to set up a separate phone number for business calls. I have been using Google Voice, but I don’t find it to be very good at organizing contacts. It also doesn’t work with voice commands, so I can’t make calls while I’m driving.

If anyone has found a good service for a second number, I’d love to hear about it.

Yes, both land line and mobile.

I’ve got a landline, a personal mobile number and a work mobile number.

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Try an app called ‘Hushed’ for a second number.

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I have a [del]Skype[/del] umm VoIP SIP number, and I have a hardware cell phone I tote around, and my primary client issued me a hardwired VoIP internet phone for my desk.

personal mobile and work-issued mobile.

Yes but if you want to actually get a response, use my landline. At best I check my cell phone maybe once a month.

And while I’m thinking of it ---- please stop sending text messages to me landline number. It is a very old dumb wired telephone that I’ve had since 1978 and it has no idea what you have just tried to tell me.

I’m so old (I just got my pensioner’s bus pass) that I only have one phone.
And it’s a landline. :eek:

What happens when you get a text message to a land line??

I have a land line (comes with my internet service. It was (pretty good) DSL but has been upgraded to fiber)
I have a cell phone (usually is in my car)
I have a work number (VOIP – really bothersome to get calls because I have to put on a headset. I usually don’t notice I’m getting a call (it is quite rare) that I don’t get my headset on in time)


On the receiving end, nothing.

IME if you try to send a text to a landline, you’ll get a message back from the carrier saying the recipient is not a mobile number.

In our case nothing; and with a lot of the mobile plans it seems nothing happens on the senders end either. I have had several co-workers jump me about “why didn’t you respond to the texts I sent you” a couple days later so clearly they aren’t being told.

I accidentally sent a text to my sister’s home phone instead of her cell last week, and I got the error message back. But apparently that doesn’t always happen.

I was going to suggest Sideline. My brother and I have a rental. When it’s time to look for a new tenant, I’m the one who fields the calls so I get a number from Sideline and we put that out instead of my wireless number. It’s free to use (an ad shows on the app when you open it) and shows on my smartphone as a “Sideline call” rather than some random number so I know to grab it right away.*

When the house gets rented, I keep it alive for about a week to say, “Sorry, it’s gone,” then kill it; anybody inquiring on a listing taken down a week ago is someone I don’t want to talk to anyway. If I wanted to keep the number, I need to use it every thirty days or pay a buck a month.

*Due to the prevalence of junk calls, I have a policy of not answering anything coming in that is not in the address book. Exceptions are made if I’m expecting a call back from someone new or [del]am bored[/del] have the time and want to collect the information of the offending party to turn them in to the Do Not Call registry.

I have one phone number. My cell phone. I have no landline, and you do not call me at work.

Call my cell and I’ll call you back when I want to talk with you.

What’s up with this “being available every second of your life?” shit?

I have three main numbers: home landline, cell, work number for the school.

The website has a lead tracking number on it that forwards to the school number, and I will occasionally use Google Voice to send texts, so that’s another number.

I don’t know about you guys, but if I send a text message to a land line here it rings the landline and provides a text-to-voice translation, once you pick-up, of course.

I’m not kidding.

Old Fogey here: I have a home land line and a work land line. I also have a cell phone (not smart phone) but it mostly spends it time turned off in my car. Its just to call my wife when I’m at the store, and when I’m on travel.

It was a sad reflection on my age that when I say the BBQ pit complaint about the new phone breaking my first thought was one of these. :frowning:

I have a home landline and a personal cell. And a landline at work, of course, but that’s just for work.

Yes, I have two phone numbers. My actual phone number and a phone number I use when I have to register on some web sites. It’s the same number except I transpose the last two digits.