Do you have two fridges?

I have to refridgerators. I grew up with this, and it seems logical and natural to do so. The added food storage space and added freezer space without investing in just a stand-alone freezer has always made sense.

Both tend to stay filled, more or less. When I was a kid, our second fridge was named Matilda, after the friend of my Mom’s who gave it to us.

Do you have a second fridge, and do your friends think it’s a wee bit weird that you do?


I don’t, but I pass the supermarket every day when I bicycle to the office (how European and how inner-city-like, no?) and I prefer to shop for groceries every day or every other day. I could see how having two (or one very large) fridge would be convenient in a shop-once-a-week-household or a household with large supplies.

I have heard of people who invested in two dishwashers, instead of having one dishwasher *and * shelfspace. If you need a plate or glass, you take it from dishwasher 1. After use, they go in dishwasher 2. Switch every day or so. Sounds like a system to me, albeit a vaguely decadent one. :slight_smile:

I grew up with a soda and beer fridge in the basement. Two refrigerators was just “how it was” but we also had a deep freeze.

For a long time, I had a mini fridge in my living room for beer. Now my parents have it, and it’s full of beer as well, because they don’t have their bar set up with a fridge yet.

What I do miss, however, are convenient places to store food outside of the refrigerator. Sometimes I want to put food, not in a cold place, but just out of the reach of the cats or insects.

In an old house, one had cellars, fly-cabinets, empty high-up shelves and cool places outside of the kitchen, for vegetables just brought in from the garden.
In modern houses, my only choice is between putting food in the fridge or leave it wrapped up on the kitchenfloor. :frowning:

We have one, an old Frigidaire that came with the house. When we remodeled the kitchen, I moved it and the old kitchen cabinets to the garage.

The cabinets I mounted to the walls in the garage for storage. The fridge became an overflow fridge.

We typically turn it on only for parties or the holidays, as it is a bit of an energy hog.

We have three. One 7 year old (has it been that LONG?) in the Kitchen, one 4 year old we got when the Wife’s Dot-com company deriously downsized, and one that’s about as old as I am serving duty as the keggerator. It has a hard time keeping stuff frozen in the winter (not enough delta T for you thermo folks out there), but it does okay keeping the beer cold enough to drink before it turns on its own. (Keg beer isn’t pasturised and goes funky 5-7 weeks after tapping)

I’m sure a good 30-40% of the food in the fridges won’t ever be eaten and just takes up space, but I try not to think about that. (and costco is partly to blame…you’ve got 16 cubic feet in the freezer, and 3 cu ft is taken up by a box of corndogs. :smack: )

For a long time when I was growing up, we had the one fridgei n the kitchen, and two large feezers on the porch (enclosed porch.) Usually, one was fairly full, and the other just had a few items. WHen I was 14, our house was remodeled and had a new kitchen added as well, complete with new appliances. The old fridge was sent to the basement, as were the two freezers. So we got used to having two fridge/freezer ocmbobs, and two more freezers. When the old fridge died, my prents went out and bought a used fridge that day because the idea of not having a spare was horrifying. :wink:

For the record, whenever I visit now, pretty much eery one of them seems full. I don’t understand how they eat it all, as it is just my mom, dad, and brother living there, soon to be just my mom and dad.

2 fridges and a freezer. The second fridge is a smaller one, and is reserved for drink-type items. Southern California Edison thinks the practice is barbaric, and runs commercials every summer trying to get people to turn in their old fridges for rebates.

Of course they do. Heaven forbid people actually run electric appliances with electricity that they buy.

In the summer I almost live in my garage. Overhead doors in the back overlooking the patio and pool. at’s where the beer fridge lives. I think it’s older than I am. Occasionally it has pop in it for visiting wee people.

The extra freezer space is nice when I make my monthly trip to grocery store.

We have a spare freezer, in the basement, but not a second true fridge. The freezer is useful for letting us take advantage of sales on frozen (or freezable) items. It pays for itself every year just because of that. We don’t need extra fridge space quite often enough to make a spare fridge worthwhile. And when we do (Thanksgiving, Christmas) we can either stack stuff up, or set it outdoors if it’s cold enough.

If we had a much larger family I could see one being useful though.

When I was growing up, we had an elderly spare fridge in the cellar, but it didn’t see all that much use, honestly, just soft drinks for when we were in the rec room.

When we bought our house, the sellers asked if we wanted the fridge, since they’d bought a new one for the house they were buying. Well, sure, we said. Then we tried to switch the doors, since they opened on the wrong side, and found that the doors didn’t seal any more. Plus, the freezer compartment is huge while the fridge part is tiny. So we bought another fridge, and use that one mostly as a freezer. Fortunately, we have a big kitchen.

We did get a couple comments when people came over for the housewarming, but I don’t think anyone found it really bizarre.

Yes, we do. My husband does home remodeling and this usually involves taking the old away when installing the new. So at any given time we have ranges, sinks, cabinets, fridges, etc. No we don’t put our vehicle in the garage, why do you ask? :wink:

The last kitchen he did, we kept the old fridge (it works just fine and is almost brand new - the person he did the kitchen for was just really rich and really picky) and put it in the garage for overflow as the one that came with the place we’re renting doesn’t have a lot of freezer space and we tend to stock up on sales.

Growing up we had a big extra freezer in the basement. We also had a big garden, so there was much freezing and canning in the autumn, and my folks would buy up meat when it was on sale and freeze it. I can’t remember if it broke or just got too expensive to keep around. Right now my roommates and I have a big American fridge in the kitchen, and a small one in the bar that we inherited with the apartment.

We have the house fridge, and our old fridge from our last house in the garage, along with our chest freezer.

With two teenagers we visit Sam’s a lot, so they’re mostly full.

Two fridges (one in the remodeled kitchen and one in the basement) plus a deep freeze. I go to the store once a week and stock up on items in the deep freeze every few months.

We have two. One in the kitchen and another that resides outside generally with beer and other alcohol in it.

Yep. We have a “beer and soda” fridge in the basement, as well as a full-size freezer. My husband hunts, so the freezer is usually full of venison, and the extra fridge is usually full of beer, soda, and juice boxes. In the summer when we get crabs, if there are any leftover, we put them in that fridge.

We have only one fridge but I wish we’d kept the old one as a spare for the garage (and son’s beer) when we upgraded.

We have two refrigerators, and one freezer that is in the basement
We have three ovens. (My husband says ‘One for the roast, one for the cookies, and one for the bread’)
We have two washers and three dryers
We have a back and a front staircase (It’s an old house)
We have a back and a front staircase going to the basement as well (It’s a big old house)
Not that you asked, but the plumbing is a mess