Do you keep your Jack-O's lighted after Halloween?

I think Halloween SOP on pumpkins is as follows:

  1. Set pumpkins out on porch/front steps/yard/whatever.
  2. On Halloween, turn said pumpkins into Jack-O-Lanterns with scary faces.
  3. The day after, wake up to pieces of pumpkin that have been stepped on and/or kicked down the street.

This morning, Jack and his brother are still intact and grinning on the front steps. Should I put more tealights in tonight or should pumpkins only come to life one day out of the year?

Go for it if you want to. I think it’d be kind of cool. Maybe I’ll join you.

I always light it up again. I spent a lot of time on that little bugger.

So Patty O’Furniture, did you light yours? I lit mine about ten minutes ago.

When I was a kid, we always brought ours in on the First and lit them indoors every night until they started going rotten.