Do You Know Anybody Named "Jesus" Who Is Not Hispanic?

Just wondering - I have met many men of Hispanic origin named Jesus (Hey Zeus! How ya doin’?) but I don’t believe I have ever met anyone not of Hispanic origin named Jesus.

Have you ever met someone named Jesus not of Hispanic origin who pronounces their name using the English pronunciation of Jesus?

Cecil says Jesus is just the Greek version of his name, which was Joshua “(roughly).”

No, but I did know a woman with the last name DeJesus. She constantly had to correct people who assumed it was pronounced “day hay seuss”.

I met a woman who had the Italian version (De Gesu), but she lived in Italy so she didn’t use the Anglo pronuciation.

No idea whether the two lastnames are related or merely coincidental.

I recall that one of the cult leaders of the last few decades envisioned himself as God, and named his son Jesus.

Not quite but I’ve know Malaysian Moslems named Isa which translates as Jesus.

An old Jesus joke:

A robber breaks into a home and hears a voice say, “Jesus is watching you.”

Startled, he asks, “Who said that?”

Again, the voice says, “Jesus is watching you.”

The robber turns around to see a parrot. He asks the parrot what his name is. The parrot replies, “Moses.”

The robber asks, “Who names a parrot ‘Moses’?”

The parrot replies, “The same person who named that rottweiler behind you Jesus.”

OK, restatement of the OP into something closer to what I think **DMark *meant: Do you know of anyone of “Western Christian” *ethnocultural background, other than Hispanic, that uses “Jesus” (meaning that name used in their local-language version of the *Christian *Bible to identify the Christ, not the one used in that version to identify the original Joshua) as given name.

A well-known spook was named James Jesus Angleton.

I’ve never met anyone named Jesus who was not of Hispanic background. We (Americans of Irish Catholic descent) name our kids after saints all the time, but we seem to think it would be a bit presumptuous to name someone after, well, God Himself.


Yes !

Among kerala christians the name “Eesow” ( from Jesus) was common .

Didn’t Levon name his kid Jesus?

I know a guy called Jesus (work colleague) from the Phillipines.

My first boyfriend was named Jesus (pronounced “Jeezus”), and was not Hispanic (I believe he was named after a good family friend who was). Everyone called him “J.B.” for short.

My husband’s name is Joshua, too. :wink:

Wow! And your user name means “Holy Ghost”!

I know a basketful of Issas (Jesus in Arabic).

The lead role in *Spike Lee’s *not very good basketball flick He Got Game is named Jesus.

Punk musician G.G. Allin was named Jesus Christ Allin because his whackjob father had a vision that Jesus told him his son would be a great man.

Here’s one for ya:

A Jewish American man decides to move to Israel. So they make him serve as a soldier in the military for a while.

One day the Jewish soldier is patrolling the desert in a jeep and he sees a man and a woman walking along with a baby. He drives over to them and asks “who are you?”

The man says “I’m Joseph and this is my wife Mary.”

The soldier says “And what’s the baby’s name . . . . Jesus?”

The man says:

What do you think we are? Puerto Ricans?