Do you know anyone who uses Meth?

Crack always scared me to death, but Meth is scary on a whole 'nother level.

I can’t wrap my head around someone willingly trying Meth after seeing the before and after photos of users a couple of years ago.

I don’t know anyone who uses or ever used Meth. Do any of you have any experience with users of this poison?

No, and i hope the trend continues.

I used to know several people that snorted it. Never seemed to be a big deal to me, it was the Red Bull of that community. A line for breakfast and a 12-pack of Bud for dinner was a normal Saturday at work.

Long before we were engaged, my former fiancée and I lived on the same street. She has a sister. Back when I was in high school here sister (who’s actually about eight years older than I) was HAWT!!! My, oh, my, was she pretty! But after she moved away she started using meth.

Several years ago (before my friend and I were engaged) I saw the sister again at their father’s funeral. Her hair was long and flat. She’d lost most or all of her teeth. She was dumpy. Her expression was vacant, and not only because of the sad occasion. She looked like a street person.

Yes, (many) people tend not to be as smokin’ hot as they were in their 20s. But the meth definitely took its toll. She looked about 20 years older than she was.

Sure, although I’d have to put it in the past tense, as I’m no longer in that scene.

One friend of mine died of an overdose; this person favored injection. Another friend is currently working their ass off to become a journeyman mason (while holding down a second job). And another friend just got their PhD from a tier I university. All had used meth pretty regularly.

Drugs are bad, mmmkay? And (my) personal anecdotes aren’t data. But things are never quite as simple as they’re made out to be, particularly when it comes to the “drug war”. Or any other propaganda campaign.

Funnily enough I watched this last night. Thankfully I don’t know anyone - we’ve got crack cocaine so far - is this shit going to take over I wonder. In the movie it shows meth creeping from the west coast US to the east and that the meth lab phenomena is giving way to superlabs in Mexico.

Are you just talking about 'street meth" Or do Ritalin (Methylphenidate), Adderall (a combo of four different ampheatmines), Dextrostat/Dexidrine (dextroamphetamine) etc count as well?

I have hung out with a few meth heads. I used to do it a lot with them recreationally. For some reason the physical addiction thing never got me. I hated doing it. I just did it because my girlfriend at the time wanted to and all she ever wanted to do was have sex. So we did, a lot. After a while it wore out, and I was not into doing meth with her so we stopped seeing each other. She stopped doing it shortly afterward too, she actually listened to my complaints about it. She has been on the road to getting her life together ever since. She still seems to be something of a mess in her personal life, but not in terms of the really self-destructive behaviors when we were dating.

A friend of mine in HS was a meth addict, he shot it. By the time he was 18 you could already see the ravages of Meth.

It’s disgusting. I am pro-legalization on a lot of things ,including stuff most people would never agree to even if they were for marijuana legalization, but Meth, that should be illegal.

“Rationalization, line 2”

Mom started smoking cigarettes at about 14. Picked up on the green at 15. Moved out at 15. Got into coke at 17 while she was a model in LA. Not sure what she did in between 17 and 47, but after which is when she got into Ice. She’s 50 now. I think she’s beginning to understand what is going on though and she needs to drop it (which is nearly impossible without rehab). It’s a huge epidemic in Hawaii, with Ice. I can’t believe how many people do this shit. Probably one of the worst, if not the worst drugs on the market. Things are all right though, amazingly. That’s life for ya. This drug isn’t to be joked around with.

I watched it. Thanks for posting - it’s worse than I knew. My god.

I knew a guy who used it for a long time. So did his wife and she went to jail several times for selling. I used it once and didn’t like it; I’m naturally a pretty wired person anyway.

The guy eventually got busted and sent to jail. He lost custody of his son, who was sent to live with a half sister in another state. He did finally clean up and seemed last time I saw him to be doing okay. However, while he was on the stuff I noticed he’d randomly crash even in the middle of a conversation and you would have a very difficult time awakening him.

My cousin. She used to be really, really, smart. Not any more. I don’t know how she’s ever going to pull herself out. I would bet that she started in order to lose weight, but I don’t really know.

I’m curious about those before and after photos; isn’t it convenient they had mug shots of the meth users BEFORE the meth damage?

The way I understand it, an officer compared early Meth arrest mug shots to later Meth arrest mug shots. Watch the video - it’s eye opening.

I’ve known a few people who used meth, including some who definitely did not fit the stereotype - talking about college graduates with well-paying white collar jobs who took it as a party drug, almost like cocaine or ecstasy.

Back in the day (20+ yrs ago), I knew some, when I hung with a bad crowd. I’ve no idea what those people are doing now.

My best friend from home was married to a dude who got into it heavily. They split up and last I heard he was in jail in Memphis.

I used it for awhile back in the late 90s. This was among students at U of Michigan in Ann Arbor. It was not widespread but not rare either. We used it to study or party but I never knew anyone that really got a habit.

It’s a crazy and powerful high, that’s for sure, but it lasts too long. Pretty much everyone I knew that was into it, myself included, found that we preferred cocaine for recreational use and ritalin or amphetamine for studying.

No need to ask what you use now, 5-HT. :smiley:

Sadly, nothing stronger than lexapro these days, though SSRIs still fit with the name, even if they weren’t the original reason for it.