Do you know this 1960s BBC TV children's show?

My sister, who watched Dr. Who with me when it first came out, :cool: would like your help.

She remembers a 1960s BBC TV children’s program - in black and white - that:

  • had a villain called ‘The Voice’
  • had heroes who were airline pilots
  • was broadcast on Saturday evenings at 17.15 (following the Sports Report)

None of my sister’s friends remember this :confused: - and I have only a vague recollection myself. :o

Can you help?

The only “pilot” one that comes to mind is the Thunderbirds.

You sure it isn’t Captain Scarlet, another Gerry Anderson show? This is the voice of the Mysterons, the baddies would intone as they brainwashed their victims. And the Angel Interceptors were flown by cute girl pilots from, IIRC, Cloudbase? Not airline pilots, exactly, I grant you.

Another vote for Captain Scarlet - when the ‘voice’ was taking people over, there would be light circles playing over the puppets faces.

Captain Scarlet was in color, though. The OP said black and white.

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Thanks to all who’ve had a go!

My sister wants me to add that it was human actors, not puppets.
‘The Voice’ was shown as a face giving orders.
She also thinks one hero was called Gary…

Gary Halliday.


My sister had no real hope of getting an answer. :frowning:
I told her the SDMB was special. :slight_smile:

Genius, Kal, pure genius! :smiley:

Ach, your sister’s fantastic memory of the villain’s name was the key. I just did a Google site search for “the voice” on and that got me the show’s title.

Too late for an edit.

As stated in the linked page, the correct spelling is Garry Halliday.

Colour TVs weren’t all that common in the UK in the 60s though, and many of us grew up watching this sort of thing in B&W. (I’ve just really dated myself, haven’t I?)

Must add this, for anyone not familiar with the awesomeness that is Thunderbirds :D:

My family didn’t get colour TV until the mid 60s.

And to show you that you’re not the only ‘dated’ one, how about:

  • Noggin the Nog (and Nogbad the Bad)
  • Bill + Ben, the flowerpot men
  • Captain Pugwash
  • Stranger on the Shore

Oh, Captain Pugwash was great. And once, when I was very very very sick, my mother wrote to the author of the books, and he sent me a lovely letter and some Captain Pugwash paper cut-outs.

That goes down in my memory in the list of ‘nicest things someone has done’.

We didn’t get colour until the 70’s :(.

I watched the first season of Mork and Mindy in black and white.

Does anyone remember *Magic Roundabout? *Even as a kidlet I thought the stories were surreal and it turns out they were filmed in French and instead of translating, Eric Thompson made up his own storyline as he went.

I had a Magic Roundabout lightshade.

I once saw an episode of Magic Roundabout where Ermintrude the Cow advocated to everyone that they should be taking these amazing pills she found that made you fly.


I bet she bought them off Dylan!

Dougal was the original long haired layabout. Ermintrude rocked, no way could I ever get a flower to spin from one side to the other like that.

I loved Zebedee - for his name more than anything.

“And so to bed” said Zebedee…