Do You Know This Camp Song???

I fear this song is unique to the day camp where I worked. The silly song says:

"Oh, I was born one night, one morn, when the whistle went toot-toot. <I forget this next line>…when the magpies (mudpies?) are in bloom. Does six and six make nine? Does ice grow on the vine? asked old Black Joe, the Eskimo, in the good old summertime.

Just loop-the-loop in your noodle soup, just give yourself a shine. I’m guilt judge, I ate the fudge, three cheers for auld lang syne! I’ll sue them all for slander, I’ll make them all repay! But, that is all bolonius, Polonius blow your horn! (toot-toot!)."

Any ideas? Maybe your camp sang this one, too?

  • Jinx

There seem to be some variations on this song in many different camp songbooks. Here are a couple:

The Jeep Song (about halfway down the page)

The Nonsense Song

Enjoy! :smiley: