Do you know this movie?

I remember seeing a movie one time. But I can’t remember its name or find it anywhere in IMDB.

I could have sworn it starred Bruce Willis but I’ve been through all of his movies and can’t find a description of it. So maybe I’m mistaken about that.

I remember the hero had a daughter and one day some people came to his door and killed his daughter (possibly by mistake cuz they were really trying to kill him).

The rest of the movie was about him trying to get revenge.

Any ideas what movie this was and/or who played the lead?

Patriot Games?

Edge Of Darkness? Mel Gibson’s a Boston detective who’s activist daughter is killed on the front steps to his house.

That’s technically the plot of Law-Abiding Citizen, with Gerard Butler.

[Edited to add: that’s in response to the OP, not Morbo.]

It is Edge of Darkness.

I got Mel Gibson confused with Bruce Willis.

Thank you Morbo.


The British drama serial from which the Mel Gibson’s “homage” was derived is far superior. Bob Peck, best remembered as the game warden in Jurassic Park (“Clever girl.”), starred in that one.


Morbo is pleased, but sticky.

Yes. Not a bad movie. The scene where Gibson rams and then confronts the corporate goons in the car behind him is esp. good: