Do you know what your CEO looks like?

The new show Undercover Boss has me wondering, for those of you who work in companies of 100+, do you know what your CEO looks like? Have you met him in person? Do you know him only by his official photo? If you walked by him on the street, would there be a flash of recognition? Or do you have absolutely no clue how he looks?

No, I’ve never met him or seen a picture. That includes my company which is fairly small, or the company which owns our company, which is quite large. I can’t even spell his last name.

I think we have about 1600 employees. I knew the CEO long before he was CEO, so whenever I see him he says hello and we have a chat. I also have direct dealings with him about work matters every so often.

My company has about 30,000 employees. I have seen our CEO in person once, and on video conferences several times. He could probably sneak by me on the street, but I would easily recognize him if we were in the same room for a minute or two. There’s no way the Undercover Boss scenario would work for me and him. If I saw the guy in any work-related context, I would recognize him immediately.

This. His picture is up on our company intranet homepage at least once a week. If I saw him walk into my branch (which I doubt would happen), I would know it was him. But passing me on the sidewalk or in the mall? Probably not.

Just as an aside, I note that the OP assumes a male CEO and they all are so far. When do you think we will see a response where he is a she?

100+? I think you’re aiming low. My company now has over 100 employees, and I certainly know my CEO well enough to chat with him by the coffee machine.

I really think your cutoff should be closer to the “500+” or “1000+ employees” mark, at the very least.

I would…I work for a huge worldwide hotelcompany with the ‘founding’ family still in charge. I worked at corporate HQ for 7yrs and he takes his lunches in the cafeteria so I used to see him quite often, his picture is on our company intranet quite often and there’s a portrait of him and his father in every single lobby of your 3500 hotels…

Interesting question. The former CEO, yes. I’d assume at least 75% of this board would recognize him instantly.

The current CEO, I wouldn’t recognize if I ran into him at the grocery store.

Yep, both current and former CEO’s are world famous and recognized pretty much anywhere. Around 100k employees globally.

When I worked at a smaller company, I didn’t know what the CEO looked like.

Hell, when I worked at Swiss Bank, lehman Brothers and Nikko Securities I didn’t know what the CEO looked like. I might have had a chance with Dick Fuld but that’s about it. Shit, how many people would recognize Richard Fuld, CEO Lehman Brothers and one architect of the current fiscal crisis?

My CEO is a good looking fellow, with a great grin and silver hair. You can see him by clicking on my profile. :slight_smile:

But at my last job, no I would not have recognized him. OTOH, at my job previous to that I had had drinks with the CEO more than once. Both of these companies were quite large, but the difference was at the company where I knew the CEO, I worked out of their central office.

Allow me.

Our CEO makes fairly regular rounds of the hospital to say hi and see how everyone’s doing. She stayed through the night shift during the snowstorm here last week, and manned the 4WD hotline for a while. We have quarterly “state of the hospital” addresses with question periods, and since attendance is high at those events, and they span all shifts, I’d say a very good number of employees would recognize her.

I can’t say I’d necessarily stop for a coffee with her if I saw her at a Starbucks, but I’d recognize her and at least say hi on my way out.

I worked for a huge hotel company and when I was in NYC, a guy walked into the elevator and I thought “Man I know him from somewhere.” Then I figured it out that he was the CEO. So I introduced myself to him. Nice pleasant guy to spend a minute in an elevator with.

I work at a corporate headquarters so I might not be the target for this one but yeah, I see the guy all the time. We’re a company of tens of thousands of employees, though, and I doubt most of the people in our stores and out in the field could pick him out of a line-up. If he didn’t host regular meetings and show up in internal videos, I probably wouldn’t recognize him.

We’re right at 100. I know the managing partner quite well, since his office is about 10 yards away.

We’re at a little under 3000 people, but we have a very flat organisational structure and our upper management are quite visible. I’ve ridden in the lift with him on a few occasions.

Sure, I report directly to him.

I work at a company that has offices all along the East Coast. I’ve seen a picture of our CEO, and I might recognize him if he were to walk into our office, but if I were to walk by him on the street I seriously doubt I would know who he was. To be honest I couldn’t even tell you what his full name is. I know his last name because he’s a scion of our company’s founder.
Then again our corporate parent, for the most part, takes a pretty hands off approach to managing its individual properties. So unless there’s a layoff or some sort of restructuring in the pipeline, most low to mid-level employees (of which I am one) don’t pay much attention to what’s going at corporate.

I work at my company’s coprorate HQ, and the CEO’s office is upstairs. I bump into him in the hall occassionally (maybe 3-4 times per year). We have a small gym on the first floor of our office, and I’ve seen him there a couple times (he gave me shit once for resting too long between sets). He hosts quarterly luncheons to which he invites about 30 employees from different business units. The luncheon lasts 90 minutes. He comes in, everybody eats (catered sandwiches, wraps, chips, soda/water & cookies), then he talks for 15 minutes or so and the rest is Q&A. The time I went, he yelled at me for asking a stupid question. :slight_smile:

He’s a pretty cool guy. No nonsense, right to the point, a great leader and he does a lot of charity work. He’s a former professional athlete, Olympian and won his sport’s most prestigious award in college. All-round, a pretty interesting guy and I’m glad I work for him.

My company has around 10k employees. I’ve never seen the CEO in person but we all know his name. His picture is in some brochures, but it’s not on the Intranet portal (unless you search for him).

We do get to see the CTO often (I work in IT), but it’s always for a town hall.