Do You Like Parades?

With Thanksgiving coming up I started thinking about this.

I have never liked them. To me they were always boring. My mum would drag me to the Fourth of July and Christmas Parades (the local ones in our suburb).

Even the few times I’ve been to big parades in Chicago, I never got any fun out of it.

I certainly find them boring to watch on TV.

So what about you all. Love them, hate them, or like only certain types

I don’t like any of them. I can’t help thinking that everyone in the parade thinks we’re all supposed to be impressed because they’re marching down the street.

I was in a lot of parades in my youth, for softball, girl scouts and marching band. It was fun being IN them (well, unless it was super hot for Memorial Day when I was in marching band)…and being in a Disney parade in marching band was one of the best experiences in my life…but I could take them or leave them anymore.

However, I think I will go to them with my niece or my friend’s kids when they are old enough. It’s one of those things you can appreciate when the kids appreciate them, ya know?

For communities with limited resources and limited commerce, parades can be fun ways to get together and raise morale. In the modern US, though, parades cause traffic problems and they are really boring compared to just about any other public activity, including peoplewatching.

I PARTICULARLY hate the parades that our local church or civic group seems to organize, to start at 9 AM on Sunday morning, for every holiday and saint’s day. My husband and I are trying to sleep in, and we are two houses away from the street that the parade is being held on. If I’m not sleeping in, then I can’t in or out of my house, again, because the damned parade is blocking my exit street.

I say who cares because I don’t.
They are too slow and I see nothing interesting about them but I don’t hate them.

Local parades are fun to go watch because of the “look, there’s our high school!” factor. As far as national parades, the Rose Parade is still entertaining. The Macy’s parade is unwatchable because it’s mostly Broadway shows and teen singers interrupted by an occasional float. I wonder why both CBS and NBC both broadcast it; CBS should go back to the days when they showed multiple parades (Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, etc.) on their coverage.

Watching the Macy’s Parade in person is SO much fun!!! I got to see it in person about '04 (5 years ago) Plus its fun to see the songs from the Broadway shows!

The Gay Pride parades are fun, if you’re in a big city like NYC, SF or Amsterdam. Smaller cities not so much, but they’re still important. Other than them, I think the only fun parades are Macy’s and the Rose Bowl.

I hate parades. I just don’t the appeal.

Either you are marching or waving in a parade (that’s nice, but who cares?) or you are standing on the sidewalk watching it go by.

I guess marching bands need *something *to do after football season is over.

The very worst parade is the Mummers parade in Philadelphia. It’s like watching a traffic accident. Hard to look at, but tough to no stare for a few minutes.

Too many "only"s as options. I’m definitely in the “sometimes/depends” camp, so didn’t vote.

The only time they’re any good is if I’m there with a kid who hasn’t outgrown them yet. At least most of the parades in my home towns are in the Old Town, where they don’t interrupt traffic. But the ones for the Epiphany seem to be specially designed by the method of saying “ok, how can we make sure that anybody who needs an ambulance won’t be able to get through without a helicopter?”

I would hardly classify Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade as a classic. IMHO, the “stop and do a production number” routine for each stage show in town and the other participating groups makes this unwatchable.

The Tournament of Roses Parade is what I would refer to as classic

For those who dislike parades: Have you ever been to a Mardi Gras parade?
I usually enjoy them in person. I find them dull to watch on TV. You kind of have to ‘be there’.

I have never seen a parade that was not boring as all get out to watch. No, I’ve not been to a Mardi Gras parade. If that would change my opinion, then great. But until then, I’d just as soon watch grass grow.

I also don’t like watching sports. I’m curious if there may be some correlation there.

Not really into parades though I’ll hit up the more notable parades if other’s are attending and I’m invited to join.

I wouldn’t go to one by choice, and you’d never find me watching one on TV.

I like watching and previously attending the Tournament of Roses Parade in my hometown. These days, I enjoy watching parades at Tokyo Disneyland.

Don’t like parades, and never been to New Orleans during Mardi Gras. I’m very unlikely to go to such a parade, as generally I don’t like the company of drunks. I especially don’t like to be in the company of large numbers of drunks.

The only parades I’ve ever watched were the Electrical parade and Aladdin parade at Disneyland.

If I’m going to be in one place for some period of time just watching something, I don’t want to stand the whole time. I can do that sitting down at home and have a choice of what to watch.

I liked them as a kid when they threw candy.

Now, I don’t really care. I still like candy, but I think they frown on adults running up there and catching the candy they were throwing for the kids. Especially since I have significant height advantage.

I voted “only on tv.”

See, the city next to here has a Christmas parade, but it’s not like it’s the same weekend every year. Two years ago my mother asked me to pick up a present for my brother’s girlfriend, and I agreed, having no idea the horror that was about to befall me. I got to the city just as they were blocking things off for the parade route. Then I was trapped! I spent 3 hours 10 miles from home, trying every conceivable way to find a way out of the city. A detour that sends you in a circle and deposits you 1/2 a mile down the road is pointless, for example.

I hate parades in person.