Do you like this business name?

The name:


It’s for a technology consulting business. Any thoughts or comments welcome!

It’s a little hard to say–F after V and all that. Also, thriving doesn’t reference motion, and you’ve got the two contradictory senses of ‘fast’: fast as in quickly, or fast as in fasten?

Thrive, throve, thriven… maybe use another tense of thrive? ThrivenFast? Thrive Faster?

I’ll have to think about it a bit more.

It sounds like an infomercial diet product, nothing reputable.

I second the cheesy diet plan.

I see the name being hard to say correctly. I suspect it will be easy to slur the v and f as Sunspace suggested. Something about those two words together don’t work for me. Perhaps it is the ambiguity of fast meaning both quick and to abstain.

It just sounds to me like LiveFast was the desired name but someone already took it.

Can’t put my finger on it but I don’t care for it. It might be the back-to-back v-f or maybe it’s the initial thr.

It’s awkward and doesn’t mean anything - it’s nonsense.

Sorry if you were planning to use it for your business. :slight_smile:

Thriver, rhymed with “river” just to set people back on their heels a little…OK, maybe ThriveR, but that kinda ruins it then.

Perfect, then. :slight_smile:

Well, it was.
Are you part of logo redesign for it?

PixieTech already taken?

Oh, my friend’s tech consulting business thrived after he renamed it in honor of his 2 cats. That’s the whole name. No “Consulting” no “Tech” no “Services” in the name just Cat 1-Cat 2.

Without even looking at the other answers, my first thought was that it was for a nutritional supplement.
Glad I wasn’t alone in my thinking.

Another vote for cheap-ass nutritional program name. If you are part of this logo-change project, the logo isn’t the problem.

I agree. Sorry.


Sounds like some kind of dubious health food type product, not a tech firm. Not a good choice of name.

Although I don’t mind the sound of the words together, it does suggest a shady get-rich-quick scheme of some sort, or perhaps a club for yuppies.

How exactly does one “thrive fast”?

Terrible name. It sounds cheap, nasty and meaningless. I wouldn’t trust a company called “ThriveFast” to clean my dog let alone do consulting for me.

Um, assuming I had a dog.

It sounds like it could be a pun on “Drive Fast” in which case it makes me wonder, “huh, what’s up with that?”

It also sounds like something a business major would devise, so while it bothers me it might be mother’s milk to the hordes of business majors out there.

As for it being a good name for a technology consulting firm, enhh, not so much. I wouldn’t count on a change of equipment to make a huge difference in how much my business “thrives.”