Do you look young or old for your age?

I always looked young for my age. I had a cousin (now deceased) who was the exact same age, to a couple of days, and when we were 15 he was getting hit on by college girls and I looked 12, at most.

In my 40s I had a friend 10 years younger, who looked wiser than his years, and people though he was older.

Now in my (still) mid-50s, things are catching up. I just went back to the States for a family reunion, and we’re all getting old!

I find this almost impossible to say, and I think people find it hard to place my age. It doesn’t help that I work in a design agency, so am easily the oldest person here.

I’m 48, but like to think I look about 40, but who knows?

On the plus side, I’m still at my ideal weight (just about), I’m well toned (no childbirth helps), and I have a VERY expensive hair colouring that keeps what grey I have firmly disguised. I’m also pretty stylish (if I may be so bold), but not ‘trendy’ - I don’t dress like a 20 year old. I dress quite expensively and classically… I do wonder if that, more than anything, pegs my age. Which I don’t care about.

People regularly assume I’m in my early 40’s (I’m into the mid-50’s now) and on a really good day even late 30’s.

I don’t have many wrinkles. No grey hair (yet). Probably some genetics - my dad didn’t start greying until his late 70’s and he wasn’t prone to a lot of wrinkling, either. I try to eat healthy and while I’m no super athlete I’ve kept somewhat active so I’m not in bad shape from the chin down.

I still see the aging - nasolabial fold, crow’s feet, the start of jowl sagging… but most folks probably don’t look that closely.

Just the other day, my barber guessed that I’m in my mid-50s, when in fact I’m 72. I think it has to do with still having dark hair on top and few wrinkles. Both of my parents looked young for their ages.

I’ve no idea, even if people say they think you are younger, unless they are talking about you behind your back, they could just be flattering you. I think I look ancient, but I kept out of the sun and used sunscreen and I’ve never smoked so wrinkles from those things I don’t have a huge amount of. Sun damage is very aging and we are all pretty much cooked down here.

Me and observers disagree. People think I look young for mid-50s, whereas I think I just look good for 55, as in I’m in decent shape and haven’t reached the point where I creak and groan like most of my contemporaries. But I’m also going gray like nobody’s business, and will likely be all gray by 60 like my grandfather. Last week I sold my old pickup truck to a guy in his 70s and he had less gray than me.

I am 66 and all my adult life have been guessed 20 years younger. No my Mother is not paying these people.:smiley:

However I attribute this to good genes. My father looked more than 20 years younger and all the females on my mothers side are guessed as min 20 years younger.

So I am doubly blessed. I was still carded until I was 35.:smack:

Smartassery helps. :slight_smile:

My being short and skinny has made people believe I’m younger, I think. I’m 48, but isn’t that the new 30? If I dyed my grays I might pass for a spring chicken, sonny!

When I was young, I looked older. Once I got older, I looked younger. At some point (in my 30s, I guess?) I must have looked my age, but didn’t notice at the time.

I’m going on 59 now and my hair still hasn’t gone gray, except a little bit; I don’t know why.

I’ll be the first person here to admit I look my age. I am 46, and I think any reasonably intelligent observer would probably be able to guess my age within 3 years.

Of COURSE people will tell you to your face you look younger than you look. Ask them to tell you how old I look, put ten bucks on it, and I bet 95% of the guesses will be between 43 and 49.

I don’t know how old I look, per se, since most of the assessments of my age I hear come from teenagers, who as a group are pretty terrible at estimating adult ages. But I do know that I’m in better shape than most of my peers. Ironic, in that I’ve never been athletic: Most of it comes from commuting by bicycle.

I think I look my age. But I usually guess that other people are older than they actually are, so maybe I am not a good judge.

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I’ve always looked younger, but the gap has lessened of late. Having gray hair and a gray beard doesn’t help. My wife, who is also 71, is often mistaken for being in her 50s.

I’m 60. Nobody is surprised to hear my age.

My gf is 59 1/2. People mistake her for 40.

When I was younger I had facial hair and people always guessed me 10 years older than I was.
Now I am clean shaven and (thanks Dad) still have hair on my head that is not grey so people think I am 5 years younger than I am.

I’m 51 and for the last 15 years or so I’ve been mistaken for someone 10 years younger. No gray hair, no winkles, still trim and fit. My wife is in the same situation and scrolling through Facebook photos of our high school friends, I have to agree with those that peg us as younger.

I’ve always looked older than I am. At 16 I could pass for 21. At 25 people thought I was in my 30s. Now in my late 30s people are surprised I’m not in my mid-40s. I’m not bald, no gray hair or anything. I’m in OK shape compared to people my age. Not especially wrinkly or anything.

I just turned 57 and am told I look younger. Now probably late 40’s early 50’s. If I compare myself to most women I graduated high school with I’d say I look waaay younger. So many of them have just given up and they gave up at least 10 years ago. No makeup, dress frumpy, let their hair go gray… No effort is put into how they look at all. I realize that for a lot of people that isn’t as important as it might be to me, but as long as I can do something to make myself look nicer I will do it!

I think most people who believe they look younger are deceiving themselves. Most of us think we look younger; the changes happen so gradually, day to day, month to month, year to year that we don’t take full notice, and we only remember those times when people compliment us on our looks.

I’m willing to bet, like RickJay said, that the vast majority of us get properly pegged within a few years, plus or minus.

I don’t think I look that much younger than I am. The clerks and bartenders that card me do. I get carded almost every time and at least half make a comment about it. I’m turning 40 next month.